The fastest 600 ever?

153kg with a full tank and 120 horsepower

10w ago

Cast your mind back to 2008, when 600cc sportsbikes were still a thing. The staff of the now-defunct Performance Bikes Magazine were discussing the fastest way around the Nordschleife over a Stein at the infamous Slider's Guesthouse.

Designer and builder Richard Vanags said;

"The bike was an idea one drunken night at Sliders Guesthouse in Germany. We started talking about what the ideal bike could be and Dale Lomas said a WSS600 could be possibly the best weapon for the Ring and anyone who rides there. Not too powerful and trying to kill you but light, fast and agile. 70+ corners and so much corner speed would be where it makes up its time.

Nurburgring testing was hot stuff at the time for PB and MV Agusta's super-trick F4 312R had the lap record at a dizzying 7:21, but it was a tough bike to lap at that speed trying to put down the 190bhp.

Vanags set about putting a regular K8 Suzuki GSX-R600 on a diet to drop it from the stock 198kg all the way down to an anorexic 154kg. Carbon fibre everywhere, including a super-rare Durbahn self-supporting carbon seat unit. BST wheels, ISR calipers, there was no expense spared anywhere. Richard even made his own carbon tank just for this bike. The motor had some sportier cams to raise power to a useable, reliable 120 horses.

The end result was a blistering 7:17 lap (set during Touristfahren with traffic, as are all bike laps) just 7 seconds from Andy Carlile's record on his familiar Yamaha R1.

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