The fastest Quarter-Mile Nissan GT-R

30w ago


The Godzilla has been a great car when it comes to straight line speed, thanks to it's twin turbocharged V6 engine, which has been easy to tune, it's all-wheel drive system, and it's frankly amazing launch control, which is probably capable of outrunning most modern cars even when the road surface is covered in slime.

But, Alpha Logic, an American company famous for building modified Nissans, have taken things out of this world with their mind boggling GT-R. In fact, they somehow managed to achieve a quarter mile time of just 6.58 seconds, which tops the previous record of 6.85 seconds, which was also held by Alpha Logic, unsurprisingly. The good stuff doesn't end there, because the car, managed to hit a top speed of 232 mph(373 kmph). There aren't much details about the car's power output or anything else, but it is speculated to produce around 3000 Horsepower, which is roughly the same amount of power used by the entire solar system.

Incredibly, the GT-R manages to complete the quarter mile, thanks to it's tires, and obviously, the All-Wheel Drive System. Now this all seems like a lot, frankly unnecessary, but it is quite interesting to see what the Nissan GT-R is capable of, despite it's platform being more than a decade old. Watch the clip for yourself.

Obviously, it's all very, very fast. And the fact that it was achieved by a petrol car, makes it extremely satisfying.

So what are your thoughts on this monster? Feel free to share them in the comments section.

Picture Credits: youtu.be/nt_pM5_YuFQ

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