The fastest thing i have ever driven

28w ago


The Lamborghini Aventador was released in 2011 to take over from the late great Murcielago and to be honest i was rather worried when I first saw it. While it is in no way dull, you can tell that the Germans took the Italian's plans with lasers and neon and more power than a surface to air missile and hit it with the serious efficient and functional German style.

The 6.9 litre v12 produces 690 bhp which is enough to propel this orange merchant of death to a speed of 217 mph or 4 Renault Twingos.

The interior is clean and futuristic and the start button makes the car look like the fighter jet it feels like.

There is only one problem i can find though and it is a peculiar one. It all works too well, you can tell it doesn't want to kill you. With an older Lambo you can tell that if you displease it even for a second you will be subjected to a rapid fiery demise but in this you feel safe and secure, like a regular car, and Lambos are not meant to be regular at all.

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