The FBI are now investigating a second noose at a racetrack

O​n Sunday, Bubba Wallace was left a noose in his garage stall but now the FBI are investigating a second noose...

R​ecently, people have become a lot more aware of racism but some people are still think it’s 1764. These people include the mystery person that left a noose in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage stall as a disgusting act of racism.

B​ubba Wallace Jr. is a professional NASCAR racing driver, currently, he drives the No. 43 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE for Richard Petty Motorsports. Bubba is actually the only black driver in the NASCAR Cup Series and though he has received a bit of hate in the past, Bubba has never received anything as disgusting as this.

I​f you don’t know why leaving a noose is so disgusting, it’s because a noose is seen as a symbol of slavery and death.

N​ow, the FBI were already investigating the noose found in Wallace’s NASCAR garage when news of a second noose started to emerge. The second noose was found hanging off a tree at Sonoma Raceway. Now, nine hours ago, nobody was sure as to whether it was actually a noose but 3 hours ago, not only did the FBI confirm that it was a real noose, they also confirmed that they are now investigating as to who put it there.

B​ubba Wallace described both incidents as a “despicable act of racism“. He then went on to say that “it also serves as a painful reminder of how much further we have to go as a society.”

You may be sat there wondering as to why this is being investigated by the FBI seen as well, although racism is disgusting, it isn’t illegal but in this case, it actually was. See, both locations of the nooses are inaccessible to the public so the FBI are treating this as a security threat.

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