The Fenyr SuperSport will be a 789bhp, 245mph weapon

1y ago


The Lykan Hypersport was just about as exclusive as hypercar ownership could get, being thrust upon us through a lead role in the Fast And Furious franchise. Dubai-based firm W Motors created that 242mph leviathan back in 2013 and now the company has unveiled its latest endeavour - the Fenyr SuperSport.

The Fenyr will undercut its predecessor on price by a whole £600,000 at £1.4 million, with up to 25 of them being built annually. The entire car has been conceptualised and designed in Dubai but production will take place in Austria, with this European connection is furthered through the use of a Porsche powertrain, specifically a 3.8-litre twin turbo flat-six.

This engine isn't just any Porsche unit however - it has been fettled with by the engineers at RUF, a company synonymous with Porsche tuning and modification. They've tuned the motor to 789bhp and 723lb ft of torque which is used to shift a 1350kg kerb weight.

The 30kg saving from the older Lykan means that the Fenyr SuperSports will reach 62mph in a P1-matching 2.7 seconds, 124mph in 9.4 seconds and will hit the limiter at 245mph. It won't be chasing down the likes of Bugatti and Koenigsegg then, but anything that surpasses a McLaren F1 in terms of top speed should never be sniffed at.

To back up the thunderous straight line performance, the Fenyr SuperSport also utilises a limited-slip differential, carbon ceramic brakes, active aero and a seven-speed Porsche PDK gearbox.

So it has the looks, top class innards and true hypercar performance. But the real question is will 25 millionaires part with their cash for this exclusive motor?

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