The Ferrari 812 Superfast is fast enough to pop its rear window out... seriously

    I mean, when you call a car the Superfast, it's naturally going to be super fast, but fast enough to lose its rear glass? That actually comes down to a manufacturing process farce.

    3w ago


    It's fairly safe to say that the Ferrari 812 Superfast is, as the name would suggest, a truly 'super fast' car. With a 6.5-litre naturally aspirated V12 under its bonnet putting out 789bhp, it's safe to say that it's got enough power to get out of it's way.

    Not only does it have enough power for that, though, but it even has enough power to pop its rear window out. Seriously.

    As revealed in an NHTSA safety recall issued this month, Ferrari is recalling a total of 1063 units of its 812 Superfast sold in North America between 2018-20 as "the rear window could fully detach from the vehicle, creating a road hazard [and] increasing the risk of a crash."

    However, as amusing as it is to think of given the car's name, speed isn't the only contributing factor as to why. A dig through the details of the recall itself reveal that the primary cause of why the rear window can let go all of a sudden while driving is due to a mistake made by the glass supplier in the production process of the rear window.

    Due to the adhesion area of the glass not having been cleaned properly, the adhesion strength of the bonding agent used to affix it can weaken over time – although clearly it doesn't always take that long given there have been a number of cases reported since May this year – and the end result of it weakening to the point of it letting go would be the rear window flying off as your cabin unexpectedly becomes a more open-air environment.

    The recall process for the affected 812 Superfast models is set to commence on December 5, 2020 with Ferrari set to notify owners directly to arrange a time to have the rear window replaced free of charge at their nearest dealership to hopefully prevent the rear window on their cars from blowing out the next time they attempt a hard launch or top speed run.

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    Comments (12)

    • Superfast, just not very well fastened!

        27 days ago
    • So that means it really IS superfast. 👍

        27 days ago
    • Structure fatigue is a magical thing

        25 days ago
    • This reminds me of a fighter jet (forgot the make and model) that shot itself because it was faster than the bullet it fired. Anyone remember what fighter it was?

        22 days ago
    • fasten your seat belt and your rear window please

        15 days ago


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