The Ferrari Club of America Annual Picnic is an Invite-only Automotive Blast

I'll never say no to being surrounded by Ferraris!

17w ago

There’s nothing quite like a Ferrari. The heritage, the speed, and the global brand recognition that the brand holds are something that can never be replicated by the competition. Personally, Ferrari is the definition of what it means to be an “exotic car” and owning one is my top bucket list item. That said, you can imagine my amazement and sheer excitement when I was invited to the annual picnic organized by the Sacramento chapter of the Ferrari Club of America. Mind you, this is an invite-only event for people close to the club so my expectations were already sky-high.

Let me tell you, folks, it did not disappoint.

The opulence hit as soon as you stepped past the driveway. Ferraris, McLarens, Maseratis, and Porsches all lined the yard, with glimmering paint jobs that made you feel as if you were roaming the halls of the Petersen Museum. There must have been 50 cars in that yard with the crown jewel of them all being a gorgeous Ferrari SF90 finished in Rosso Fiorano. Just a few minutes after, a Jaguar XK120 showed up of all things! This thing was a lovely driven example finished in beautiful British Racing Green and drew as big of a crowd as the SF90 it was parked right next to.

Surrounding the automotive masterpieces was the awe-inspiring garage of local collector @grassgassass. Instantly, you’re transported into a world of white supercars and a sea of carbon fiber. To your left is a row of Ferrari 458s and 488s in different configurations ranging from Italias to Pistas and a convertible.

Look to your right and your eyes land on a Huracan Performante, a 675, a GT2, and a Panamera. Or perhaps you fancy yourself the AMG GT Black Series?

And right between the two rows, in the middle of everything was (holy crap) a Senna being towed behind a G-Wagon. I don’t think there’s a better showpiece for your garage than a G-Wagon being used as a tow rig for your million-dollar Senna. Absolute madness.

It was at this time that a smell began to tickle my nostrils. Turns out Mr. Grassgassass is also an ace behind the grill and was whipping up some hot dogs and burgers to help fuel our supercar watching. The burgers were good, but eating them by the pool with the cool breeze washing over you made the experience even better. Not to mention his taste in classic rock is *chef’s kiss*.

As the party wound down, it was time for the raffle. I don’t consider myself a very lucky person but I bought five tickets and spread them among the four prizes: a Ferrari baseball cap, Ferrari Ray-Ban shades, an FXX K RC car, and my personal favorite, a Ferrari backpack. Much to my surprise, my ticket number 8782 pulled as the winner for the backpack! How cool is that?! Now I have something that matches my Ferrari watch.

Overall, it was a magical night and a wonderful introduction to the local Ferrari Club of America chapter. I’d like to thank my buddy Ali Hoff (@hoffoffroad) for getting me into this lovely event and to chapter president Dea Wilson for allowing me to be a part of it. Oh, and we can’t forget Grassgassass for hosting the event at his incredible house. It wouldn’t be the same without his breathtaking collection of cars!

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  • Never thought I’d see opulence connected with Sacramento!

      3 months ago
  • This is basically forza in real life, except everyone here actually has 1 million+ dollars 😂

    p.s. you should get a matching ferrari for your watch AND backpack

      3 months ago
    • It definitely felt that way. And yes, an actual Ferrari is the goal lol

        3 months ago
  • Never thought I would see a Macca hanging out with Ferrari's (and a Maserati).

      3 months ago
  • Looks like a great time. 👍😁

      3 months ago