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The Ferrari F1 team has finally a new truck: the Iveco S-Way!

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Finding a post on a truck is rare on DriveTribe, very rare. You meet them every day and they are slow and create traffic jams... Although this is not very interesting for fans of powerful sporty cars designed for circuits, this new generation of Iveco is more of an event. Why? Why? Simply because the frequency of renewal of a lorry is very low compared to a car. On average, count fifteen years between each generation. A chasm!

Before your amazed eyes, you have the S-Way replacing the Stralis. It is a truck with a mass of 18 tonnes in the long-haul category. You will therefore see the S-Way mainly on the highway. The most important change is the completely new cab. The chassis remains the same as on the Stralis, as do the engines.

On the outside, the S-Way is very sexy and tries to get as far away as possible from the square aesthetics of a truck. Automotive design is clearly targeted. No more right angles! Let's make way for much more sensual and softer curves! The grille takes on a "U" shape while the side glazing imitates a "C" shape. The LED lights are refined and slightly tilted. Aerodynamic performance increases by 12%. Consumption fell by 4%. Fully loaded, you can now reach 50 L/100 km or 5,6 mpg uk which is quite good!

The cabin is designed to be brighter and more spacious. It is a key element for the driver's well-being and therefore for his productivity. The adjustment range of the driver's seat is increased and the new steering wheel has a flat bottom part, as on...sports cars. The driver-oriented centre console has been retained for optimal ergonomics.

The infotainment system has been thoroughly revised. It includes the radio with touch screen and hands-free function. Apple CarPlay is also there to avoid temptations with the smartphone behind the wheel. However, not everything has evolved due to the Stralis platform. As a result, the driver is still facing traditional analog dials and the touch screen is only 7 inches wide. Camera mirrors, for example, are unavailable while they are standard on the new Mercedes Actros.

The central tunnel loses height, which further improves life on board. The S-Way guarantees a standing height of 2.15 m in the centre of the cab. At the rear, the width has been increased by 35 cm. The rest is provided by a 14 cm thick mattress. A remote control also allows the driver to control auxiliary heating and cooling, door locks, general lighting and radio.

The latest trend in the world of road transport is advanced connectivity. To explain it simply, the truck automatically downloads system updates. Maintenance operations can be anticipated, preventing breakdowns and saving valuable time.

The new S-Way offers diesel and natural gas engines. Engine displacements range from 9 to 13 L. The powers range from 270 to 570 hp. Get ready to cross this S-Way more and more on European roads!