The Ferrari FXX-K Evo is here to rewrite the laws of physics

After the LeFerrari and FXX-K comes the Evo which turns everything up to eleven

3y ago

If the Ferrari LaFerrari wasn’t hardcore enough for you with its fixed seats and 950bhp, then the track-only FXX-K was the only choice Now though, there’s a new model and its whole new level of chainsaw and hockey mask insanity when compared to its predecessor, say hello to the LaFerrari FXX-K Evo.

You may be thinking how did Ferrari manage to better the already chainsaw wielding FXX-K? For starters, its power output from the V12 motor remains at 1,036bhp, which could be enough to achieve time travel (or not).

On the inside, racers get a new steering wheel and a rear video screen with telemetry, all of which is useful in a track environment. The Evo also has recalibrated suspension to cope with the changes to the outside of the car, all of which are absolutely not just for show.

Let’s start with that larger rear wing; it’s a twin-profile fixed effort that works in conjunction with the active rear spoiler. Still with me? Good, let’s continue. Ferrari says that the active spoiler’s “logics” have been reworked to help the Evo generate even more downforce at speed.

That rear wing gets a central fin along with a pair of side fins, these provide the Evo with greater stability and work together with three vortex generators to help clean the air hitting the rear wing.

Specifically, they are purposed with looking after the hot airflow generated by the bonnet radiator vents. The final part of the slightly complex carbon rear aero puzzle is the rear wheel arch vents. These are again larger and to assist the channelling of air at the back of the car - this ensures the Evo cuts through the air cleaner while creating yet more downforce.

At the front of the Evo, it sports yet more vortex generators on the underside of the car; there are also additional air channels including one situated ahead of the front wheels. All of these aero changes mean that the Evo doesn’t just cut its way through the air, it bends the air to its iron will as it slices through it.

Now for the penultimate question, how much more downforce does the FXX-K Evo generate that its siblings? The first astonishing number is that the Evo generates some 75 percent more downforce at speed that its road-going LaFerrari sibling number plates and all.

Hockey mask and chainsaw come as standard....

Hockey mask and chainsaw come as standard....

The second astonishing number is that the Evo has a mind-boggling 23 percent more downforce than its ‘standard’ FXX-K stablemate. Yes, a 23 percent gain is made from all of the aero-trickery changes meaning that at 124mph the Evo boasts 640kg of downforce, or about an entire Caterham 620S with a full tank of petrol.

This number gets, even more, mind officially blown when you get to what Ferrari calls the “car’s red-line speed”, which translates to a humongous 830kg of downforce, or an entire Citroën C1 sitting on its rear wing.

This is 830kg of weight, the same as the downforce on the FXX-K Evo, or a Citroen C1 as its known as

This is 830kg of weight, the same as the downforce on the FXX-K Evo, or a Citroen C1 as its known as

Ferrari says the FXX-K Evo is available to dedicated customers as a limited run track-only special or existing FXX-K owners can purchase the upgrades as a package.

No word on how much either the entire car or the upgrade will cost, but we are betting there is a lot of zeros required on the cheque that any prospective buyer will have to sign to get one.

So, do you think the FXX-K Evo is the new benchmark for track-only supercar specials? Let us know in the comments and join the discussion in the #supercars live chat.

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  • The numbers are crazy and it looks even crazier but I still would never spend money on a car that I can't put in my own garage...

      3 years ago
    • that thing that you can't have them at your garage is a myth... just chek gregb.23 instagram.. he keeps his 599XX Evo with him

        3 years ago
  • I just like the fact that they put a real wing on this time instead of the two stumps that was on the last one. They looked cool but a little hooky at the same time. It just looks proper now.

      3 years ago
  • Side view is totally like a Vector W8. Great!

      3 years ago
  • Ha ha, for a brief second I thought it was a Vector. Ferrari is for people who want to pose anyways. Get a Noble or an AC10. Heck get a Diablo or a Viper ACR before they got watered it down.

      3 years ago
  • Ugly

      3 years ago