The Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione Sounds Even Better Than It Looks

The Fastest Ferrari Gets A More Extreme Track-Only Version

3y ago

How do you improve on the LaFerrari, the fastest Ferrari road car ever made? You make a track-only version called the Ferrari FXX K of course!

How do you take one step further and make an even more ridiculous version of that? You make another version and call it the Evoluzione.

That's what is seen here testing hard at the Monza circuit. The hopped up version of the FXX K dons a more extreme aero work, such as the massive rear diffuser and the giant wing that's supported in the middle with a shark-fin like support.

There are no details about what's going to power the FXX K Evoluzione just yet, but the FXX K already has an impressive 6.3-liter V12 engine with an electric motor and KERS, producing 1,036 BHP. The Evoluzione will surely be even more powerful and ferocious than the "standard" FXX K. Until we find out more, why don't you just put on some headphones and listen to these V12 pipes!

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