- The new Ferrari FXXK Evo!

The Ferrari FXXK Evo Is Here!

1y ago


Ferrari have finally released the FXXK Evo as part of 70th Anniversary celebrations at the Finali Mondiali event being held at the Mugello Circuit in Tuscany, Italy.

The car has an impressive 23% more downforce than the standard FXXK

The new pack essentially improves downforce and reduces weight from the FXXK. The FXXK Evo now produces 830KG of downforce when travelling at top speed. That's 23% more downforce than the standard FXXK, and what's more astonishing, is that this is 75% more than a La Ferrari!

The car still produces 1036BHP from the V12 engine, but has had extensive revisions to it's exterior to help with airflow and increase downforce. Both the front and rear bumper have been modified and the rear wing is now joined at the rear and works in parallel with the active rear spoiler. Inside, the FXXK Evo has a new steering wheel a larger screen for the entertainment system.

The rear wing is now joined at the rear and works with the active rear spoiler

The new car can be obtained by Ferrari lovers in two different ways. Buyers can either purchase the FXXK Evo outright, or owners of the standard FXXK can pay to have their car fitted with the Evo package.