The Ferrari GTC4Lusso is officially dead

And no, this is not a rumour anymore

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You might have heard the recent news rumouring about the Ferrari GTC4Lusso's possible cancellation, splitting the automotive news community in half with some believing that it will stay strong in prosper in the future, and some having no hopes for this car's future. Well, unfortunately, the second group I mentioned was correct. The stunningly beautiful Ferrari GTC4Lusso will be no more after the 2020 model year. The end of the road has been reached by the shooting brake of Maranello.

Being the sensible and practical model of Ferrari since the FF of the early 2010s and the GTC4Lusso in 2016, it has created a unique segment of modern automobiles since, reviving the age-old shooting brake style properly with its wagon rear pasted onto a sleek GT coupe body.

It comes to know that a Ferrari dealership in the US tri-state area has officially received its final GTC4Lusso coming specced in a shade of dark blue on a tan interior. If that is not enough proof, confirming to the Road&Track magazine, a spokesman of Ferrari has claimed that both the V12 and V8 models of this car are being phased out of production later this year.

With the V12 model which probably is the one you care about, the considerably large N/A V12 with a displacement of 6200cc is rated at a whopping 681hp and 697Nm (514lb-ft) of torque through a clever 4WD system. Or if you care more about the environment (or worry about fuel costs, insurance, tax, depreciation and MSRP), the turbo V8 in the Lusso T still packs a healthy 3.9L with 602hp but has an increase of torque to 761Nm (561lb-ft) of torque sent through exclusively the rear wheels.

It is also unclear on whether this model will be revived in the near future too as their upcoming Purosangue SUV will most likely be its indirect successor of a practical Ferrari, as well as the recently revealed Roma to be the 4-seater coupe model.

The genuine end of an era for true, 2-door shooting brakes (not Mercedes' 4-door offerings) in general. When was the last time you could casually pop into a dealership and purchase one?

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Comments (6)

  • Ferrari just killed one of its best cars

      28 days ago
    • In some ways, that's right. But if people want a practical Rarri, the SUV will be superior, and if they want 4 seats there's the Roma GT (not sure if its rear seats are as spacious as this Lusso)

        28 days ago
  • This is bad....I hope they revive it as a new car called the the GTRC62420Lusso, or Portocierri, or the Arturo Benedetto Giovanni Giuseppe Pietro Archangelo Alfredo Cartoffoli da Milano . Who knows?

      28 days ago
    • Can't skip the Frutti di Margherita Bolognese too

        28 days ago
    • Lol , Yup, or even the Pollo alla Bistro.

        28 days ago
  • 😭

      28 days ago