- The Ferrari Roma

Introduction And A Little Bit Of Chit Chat

Supercar coupes are becoming quite popular now. With the first ones back in early 2010, coupe cars have got cheaper. I think supercar companies saw that these super coupes were dying down a bit because of the price drop but then I think Aston Martin saw a gap in the market and created the Zagato and then while Ferrari were busy making rubbish strategies in formula 1, a ferrari worker may have noticed the small little space left for them to make an original coupe, and that's what they done. They ended up coming up with a car called the Ferrari Roma which is currently priced at only £200,000. This is a great price for a brand new Ferrari and it is planned to be able to hit 200mph. Any way the Body-Work...

Ferrari Roma

Ferrari Roma


Now we start with a completely new front end. About the only thing the same as an older Ferrari Coupe is the rims. The shape of the bonnet is completely new. The grill almost over hangs but not enough for the Roma to look ugly. Ferrari have nailed that spot where you have the grill either perfect, or, very ugly. They hit perfect. The new headlights are almost like that of the Senna, not the metal that goes around the headlights, just the headlights themselves. Unlike most modern supercars, there has been no wide kits put in which in a coupe you wouldn't expect but honestly, looking at how the future of supercar shapes look I'm a bit surprised. The Roma is quite slim as a car and hasn't gotten any wider than past coupes.

Side View of the Ferrari Roma

Side View of the Ferrari Roma

From here you get that kind of sneak peek of the rear lights. I don't find that in the nature of Ferrari that there cars are to look aggressive and give you that supercar feeling that the Ferrari will smash you. That's not to say they won't though. However, in the Roma well, terms and conditions don't apply, because this car from side on looks like its about to hit 100 mph faster than the Chiron. Anyway, seen as this is a Coupe, it only has 2 doors and an aggressive look, no fannsy gull-wings, just the Roma. And you know what, that's more than perfect. Although as we move onto the back, it still looks perfect and still looks like it's going to hit 100 mph faster than a Chiron.

From rear view the Roma does look like the SF90 but the coupe version. That's only from the rear. I love the exhausts on the Roma. The rigid shapes in them I have never seen before. The chunky bottom is very detailed but in white the Roma looks in its element.


Now after thinking that the exterior is perfect I thought okay, now, there must be a little odd thing in the Roma that I could point out. But Nope. All good here! Because the interior is absolutely stunning. The steering wheel looks great. Still the old classic Ferrari steering wheel but I think it's almost a bit of a tweaked SF90 Stradale steering wheel. The driver and the passenger get almost like their own pod. Honestly, the driver gets a. Right how do I explain this? Ah yes, so you know the normal electric speedometer and all that fancy technology. The Roma has that but even more technologically advanced features. But instead of having this there, and that there. It's all in a comfortable area and not confusing. The passenger gets there own little screen to play with. The centre console is very nice but here, take a look yourself! Oh yes and those seats look very comfortable. I... I want to sit in one!

The Performance

Now, the Roma has the Interior, it has the perfect price, and, the perfect exterior, but, does it have the performance?

ENGINE 3,855cc twin-turbocharged V8.

POWER 611bhp at 5,750-7,500 rpm.

TOP SPEED 199mph+

ACCELERATION 0-62mph in 3.4sec, 0-124mph in 9.3sec.

DRY WEIGHT 1,472 kg (with optional lightweight fittings); kerb weight 1,570kg.

BOOT CAPACITY 272 litres.

Looking to buy one in the future?

Well this Roma will cost you £180,000 and $200,000 in America. This is a 2 stater so not suitable for a family of 3 or more but you can impress your teenagers friends and, him/her too. Safety stats have not been released yet. Releasing in 2020. Mass-Produced. Will be sold at your local Ferrari dealership.


I really hope you enjoyed this article. Please give me feedback and as always. Have a great day!

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