The Ferrari SF1000 is Ferrari's latest F1 car

This is Mercedes' biggest nightmare

1y ago

Ferrari has just revealed their car for the 2020 season. The name 1000 comes from celebrating starting over 1000 Grand Prix races. The reveal took place in Italy, and it is the first team to officially reveal their 2020 contender.

The car's structure is based on the outgoing SF90, but they have improved bits from the engine and gearbox. They say the SF1000 is 15% more efficient than the previous model. Mattia Binotto, the team principal of Ferrari's F1 team, claims the new car has better downforce than before, as well as more flexibility, due to a big suspension workout. The car is also lighter than before.

Other details about the car haven't been mentioned, but the Barcelona testings will prove if the changes are sufficient to be competitive. The look has remained mostly untouched, having the same colour as before, which is no bad thing.

The last year was a year to forget for Ferrari, after only having 3 wins throughout the 21 race season. Mercedes, by comparison, had 15 wins and Red Bull's Max Versappen also had 3 wins. The Italian team hopes the 2020 season will be much more successful, we hope so...

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  • Will the SF1000 beat the Mercedes car? Possibly.

    Will Ferrari beat the Mercedes team? I don't know. Did they get new strategists this year?

      1 year ago