The "Ferrari" SUV from the eighties

Meet the Ferrari Purosangue's monstrous step-father

2y ago

We are in the middle of an SUV apocalypse. Supercar manufacturers like Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Lamborghini have already made their respective SUVs and Ferrari is about to join the party with the Purosangue. We'll have to wait for 2022 to see what Ferrari has created but something tells me it's not gonna be the prettiest of things.

But what if all this took place in the eighties? Instead of the Purosangue being based on the looks of the GTC4 Lusso we'd get something along the lines of a lifted F40. Total nonsense right? Well think again cause it did happen and the result is...questionable.

This monstrosity was raced by J.P Forelay and F.D Patillo in the 1989 Dakar Rally. Dubbed the "F40 Pajero 4x4" it is the result of mixing a long wheel base Mitsubishi Pajero with the looks of a Ferrari F40. That means it's not powered by a twin turbo V8 but rather an ordinary straight 4 diesel.

No real Ferrari F40 was harmed during the making of this and it's safe to assume the body is costume made, presumably out of fiberglass or a different lightweight material. The only thing relating this to an actual Ferrari F40 is that is was also made in Italy. It comes to no surprise then that it only lasted 2 stages before retiring.

The prologue, a sort of qualifying round in France, and a brief trip to the African continent was the only action it saw. Where it is now and if it even still exists is unknown.

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