The Ferrari That You Never Knew Existed

The 2002 Sonic Ferrari H20

15w ago

When I was browsing Craigslist last night looking at boats I stumbled upon this extremely rare Ferrari. I readily clicked on the ad to see if it was a real thing or just a modded boat. It turns out that this is the real deal! How rare you might ask? There are only 3 confirmed boats that are still in existence with an estimated 12 that were manufactured!

"Extremely rare Ferrari Speed Boat, only 3 known in existence designed by Ferrari in 2002 and commissioned to be built by Sonic Jet Boats."

Mac's Movie Cars

In a listing on Mac's Movie Cars, it includes a bit of information on the boat, "Extremely rare Ferrari Speed Boat, only 3 known in existence designed by Ferrari in 2002 and commissioned to be built by Sonic Jet Boats. This boat is awesome with its open spacious luxury comfortable seating extremely exotic Ferrari body lines and indoor cabin, it is like no other. It is powered by a Big Block Chevy/ Merc 496 C.I. Mag H.O. It is capable of speeds above 75 miles per hour."


When I first laid eyes on this boat even before reading the title, I thought that this had to be related to Ferrari. With the iconic Ferrari Giallo Modena (or yellow in lamens terms) paint it screams "I'm a Ferrari!" If that's not enough to convince you that this boat is a Ferrari it looks very similar to the 2002 Ferrari 360 Modena. Maybe it helps a little to see a Giallo Modena Ferrari 360 Modena in person, but this boat is definitely similar to it.


Ferrari Level Specs

This absolute water beast is powered by an 8.1L 425 Hp Big Block Chevy/ Mercruiser 496 Inboard/Outboard with a Bravo One lower unit. The Ferrari H20 has a top speed of 65.2 Knots (75 Mph or 121 Kph) which is almost suicidal speed on the water! The Ferrari H20 is 22ft long (6.7 meters) which is a pretty small size for a boat of these speeds which are usually powered by two engines! Without a doubt, the Ferrari H20 is a water beast and will dominate you!



This is a boat designed by Ferrari, so it better be luxurious! It indeed is! The Ferrari H20 can comfortably seat 6 people on the small deck which is decently good. This means that you can take up to 5 chicks in your Ferrari H20 versus only 1 in your Ferrari LaFerrari. But that's not all... There is a surprisingly large cabin in the bow of the boat, which is similar to Hammond's famous boat the: Jizzle Drizzle.



Considering that the Ferrari H20 can reach speeds of up to 75 mph you'd imagine that the helm would be complicated. Surprisingly, the controls for this boat aren't too complex for the speed at which this boat goes. The dash dials are what you'd see in a car, but I think that Sonic could have gone above and beyond with including a Ferrari branded steering wheel and dials. To the people that have never driven a boat before there appears to be a lot of switches all laid out in front of the captain. In reality, a majority of those switches are either for the required lights or just switches that would rarely be used.



As many of you know boats are very expensive and really do require a lot of money to enjoy. A new 2002 Ferrari H20 would have set you back $80,000 and many have depreciated to around $30,000! $30,000 is a steal for a boat of these speeds because the usual price point for 75 mph is anywhere from $42,000 to well over $1,000,000! If 75 mph isn’t fast enough for you, there is a $10,000 tune kit for the engine which will bring it to an astonishing 625 hp with 660 ft-lbs. of torque! If that isn’t enough for you already you can purchase a stage 2 supercharger kit for just over $6,000 which will bring the engine to a monstrous 804 hp with 824 ft-lbs. of torque!!!


The Ferrari H20 is an incredibly rare and amazing boat. I am very lucky to have one for sale near me for $27,000! This boat has amazing specs and is quite nice for the price! Overall if I had the money, I would definitely buy this boat! Wouldn't it be cool to say that you own a 1 of 3 Ferrari?

Overall rating

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Thanks for reading!!! :)

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Comments (39)

  • I thought it's supposed to look like an F50.

      3 months ago
  • I don't need it and I never will but I want it alot, like most Ferraris I guess

      3 months ago
  • That's a WHOLE lot of motor for 22'. 75 is definitely suicidal fast. Water is really hard at those speeds. Bail and you bounce until a body part grabs and yanks you to a stop. It's all fun and games until you are going 75 mph!!! Holy crap that's fast. I NEED THIS BOAT.

    Start a GoFundMe and get that boat Nolan. You need this in your life ... so you can write DT article about your antics.

      3 months ago
  • i would buy this one...

      3 months ago
  • That looks better than 2000s ferraris ngl

      3 months ago