The FIA increases penalties for the Monza Grand Prix

Going off the course in turns 5 and 11 will result in the cancellation of two timed laps

3w ago


The FIA seems to have decided to tighten the penalties on every circuit of the Formula 1 championship for off-track. After those applied to the Belgian Grand Prix, now also in the Italian Grand Prix there will be more incisive rules than in previous years.

The sports commission has in fact decided to cancel two laps if the drivers cross the limit of turns 9 and 11. This type of regulation will only apply to the tests that are taking place at the moment and for the qualifications that will take place tomorrow.

There are currently no penalties for exceeding the track limit during Sunday's race. Any communications on the matter could arrive tomorrow.

Thanks to Valentina Zanola and Alessandro Renesis for the cooperation


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