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The Fiat 124 Spyder may not be replaced

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The Fiat 124 Spyder is a car with a very successful Latin style. And on the technical side, the 124 Spyder is also present since it is based on the formidable Mazda MX-5. The chassis is excellent and the mass is reduced to its maximum for optimal driving pleasure behind the wheel. Everything seems to be in place for the car to have a sequel.

Unfortunately, according to a recent interview with Autocar, Fiat CEO François Olivier says that the 124 Spyder may not be replaced unlike its Japanese cousin MX-5. The man even admits that the replacement of the 124 Spyder is almost "unlikely". Things are therefore not well underway for the small Italian convertible...

“The 124 market is a niche one," according to him. “It is profitable business for us - but only because of the joint venture. It was an opportunity and we took it. It makes money and it adds a certain cool factor''.

It is not what i'd call a pure, absolute fiat

Olivier françois

“But I accept that such a car may not be key to the future of the brand. It is not what I’d call a pure, absolute Fiat, but for now, it remains an interesting opportunity”.

Fiat would rather focus more on small popular cars. In other words, the 500 range and the Panda. Pure Fiat!

“For our future product plan, we need the right balance between the two dimensions: the Fiat 500 family and family transportation. There will be no big cars, no premium cars, no sporty cars because they have no legitimacy,”

"All models will sit within 3.5m and 4.5m. This is where Fiat will play. We need more EVs. And we need more 500 models that look legitimate enough to take higher pricing".

If you want a sporty Fiat, time seems to be running out. Otherwise, you will have to fall back on the Abarth sports division to continue to enjoy the Italian charm in a spicy way...

Photo Credits Fiat

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