The Fiat Panda is the most unsafe car on sale today

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The Fiat Panda, a car driven by grannies and people called James, has been given a score of zero stars out of five in the latest set of Euro NCAP crash test scores. If you don’t know, Euro NCAP tests aim to replicate real world crashes in controlled tests, and the Panda is just the second car ever to score zero stars. The other, being the recently discontinued Fiat Punto.

The Panda achieved scored less than 50% in each of Euro NCAP’s four primary testing categories. The main concern to Euro NCAP, was the Panda’s lack of protection for children located on the rear seats. The model achieved the lowest ever score in this category, scoring 16% compared to a 79% average across all cars tested. When the Panda was updated for 2011, it was given a safety rating of four out of five stars, where it scored much higher in terms of adult and child occupation.

The new Jeep Wrangler was also one of the cars in the latest set of tests, and scored one out of five stars. Yes, the Wrangler is an all-new SUV but that doesn’t mean it’s safe by Euro NCAP’s standards.

The Wrangler joins the Punto and Panda as the three worst rated modern vehicles to take part in the tests. Euro NCAP noted that “several problems were seen when installing several child restraints in the vehicle.”

Matthew Avery from Thatcham Research, says of the Panda: “the Fiat Panda is seen as a good choice for young drivers and fledgling families. But the only safety technology fitted were seatbelt reminders and the rear system failed to meet requirements, so wasn’t even rated. As the bare minimum, a standard-fit Autonomous Emergency Braking system should be available with the Fiat Panda. This is especially important since the car offers so little in the event of a collision.”

This was later followed up by a Fiat spokesperson, who boldly said: “we take the safety of our customers and other road users extremely seriously. The Fiat Panda complies with all safety legislation in every country in which it is sold”.

What do you think?

Were you planning on buying a Fiat Panda? If so, has this changed your mind? Or do you currently own one and now regret that choice? Let me know in the comments down below.

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  • It’s all horseshit. Just don’t have a crash.

    2 days ago
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  • "The Fiat Panda is the most unsafe car on sale today" Tabloïd like title. Not only it's touted but also false. The Panda is not UNSAFE.

    3 days ago


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