A (photographic) look back at ABB FIA Formula E pre-season testing ahead of this weekend's Ad Diriyah E-Prix

      Day One - Testing The Waters

      There's a different kind of atmosphere to these tests, you genuinely feel like you are walking into the unknown with no idea who had an upper hand, it's not like a race weekend where you have a rough idea of who's going to be a favourite. One thing that was certain was the new Gen2 car was a hell of a lot faster than it's predecessor, visibly they looked brutally fast in comparison and made a crisp loud whip as they flew past on the straight like a fighter plane making a low pass.

      Day Two - Morning Light & Race Simulation

      Nothing better than harsh low sunlight when it comes to shooting motorsport during mornings for me, so I absolutely enjoyed shooting the morning session but made sure not to overdo it as it has become something of a cliche. However, what I would really enjoy was the chaotic action of the race simulation in the afternoon, having all the cars lined up in the pitlane waiting to go out, twice after Daniel Abt put his car in the wall was a very rare treat if you're not shooting for a team in Formula-E.

      Day Three - I Forgot My Coat

      There was a rest/media day between days two and three where I thought I'd be able to get good portrait shots of the drivers, but the weather had other ideas and decided to import a mini-monsoon season. The rain carried over to the final day but gradually died off before afternoon making for some pretty cool dark and moody rain shots followed by the rare sight of Formula-E cars covered in mud (most notably Andre Lotterer's car).

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      • I'm so happy to see a new post from you! Awesome shots, thank you for sharing with all of us.

          1 year ago
      • Fantastic shots. It's hard to pick which is the best looking car/team heading into the new season. I do like the look of the Cheetah cars.

          1 year ago
        • Thanks Mark, I think the cars look amazing, I love how none of the teams have followed the typical motorsport way of branding cars and genuinely gone out of their way to create something that looks futuristic, this is like the real-life...

          Read more
            1 year ago
      • This is brilliant! Well done!

          1 year ago


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