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The final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is here

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So, the final trailer is here for The Rise of Skywalker and oh my god it looks incredible. Long story short, The Rise of Skywalker wraps up the now nine-part saga and includes the return of Emperor Palpatine, which should cause conflict between Rey and Kylo Ren, who have close ties to both Palpatine and the Skywalker family.

In the final trailer, we see a lot of new stuff that we haven't seen before, including new planets, a hidden Sith fleet going head to head with the Resistance fleet, and some heartbreaking scenes with Leia and C-3P0.

Speaking of Leia, The Rise of Skywalker will be the last film that Carrie Fisher will have a key role in and the last piece of media where she will be given a credit. Tears will be shed when she appears on screen.

Other characters will get some attention including the ever-evolving Reylo "love" arc, long with Poe, Finn, Rose, Lando and Chewbacca. Of course, Palpatine will return which echo's the now 'Legends' Dark Empire comics. We see Palpatine in some form of life support chair but it is still unclear if it'll be a clone of Palps or him possessing another body.

Starship wise, we're in for a treat as there are two fleet's worth of ships being led by the Resistance and First Order/Empire. Resistance wise, their fleet is of epic proportion with a right mix of ships that include classics such as the Millenium Falcon, Hera Syndulla's Ghost from Star Wars Rebels, a number of Mon Calamari ships, a Hammerhead Corvette and a number of other new ships.

When it comes to the First Order/Empire, there isn't much variety but we see a new type of Imperial Star Destroyer with a massive gun attached to the hull, possibly a First Order Resurgence-Class Star Destroyer and many, many TIE Fighters. There are talks of a new flagship for the baddies in the form of a Super Star Destroyer. Hopefully, the Super Star Destroyer will be the popular Eclipse Super Star Destroyer from Dark Empire which was the reborn Palpatine's flagship and was basically a Super Star Destroyer with a Death Star super-laser attached to it.

So when does the film come out? In the UK, the film comes out on December 20th 2019, which means it is less than 2 months away. Am I going to see it? Of course I am.

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