- All 30 cars in this years selection. Photo by: Auto ja liikennetoimittajat AuLi ry.

The finalists are

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Last week I made a prediction which of the 30 cars selected in to the competition would make it to the finals. On the 1st of November the six finalists chosen by Finnish car journalists were revealed.

Here are all the candidates once again. The ones with the green triangles are my predictions and the blue circles are the predictions made by people in the comments section in the last post.

The yellow stars are the most important ones, they made it to the FINALS! Too enthusiastic maybe? As we can see I did quite all right by predicting 4 out of 6 finalists correctly. Everyone in the comments agreed on the Mercedes A-class being high up and indeed it made it to the finals. A surprise to me was that the journalists selected two Volvos to the finals. But if who am I to judge. If Volvo make good cars they make good cars. So the finalists that were not predicted were the Volvo V60 and the Kia Cee'd.

Volvo V60 T6 Inscription in Pebble Grey

Kia Cee'd is one of the finalists

It is surprising not to see an alternative fuel car in the finals. And there's really no car that has come up with revolutionary technology in the top six. All cars in the finals, though, are solid and brilliant all rounders. Excellent value for money was the key characteristic that the finalists were chosen by. And based on that, I can't find a fault in the top six. I still like to think that the Volvo XC40 will win this, but doubts have risen and now the favourite to win is probably the German hatchback machine, the A-class.