The firebird esprit

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1973 Firebird Esprit

Smooth lines, not too complicated...everything you'd look for in a--car? The Esprit had some subtle additions and not so subtle subtractions to differentiate itself from its' more robust siblings.

1981 Firebird Esprit

Chrome trim around the wheel wells and along the bottom of the car were a standard option. There were no vents in the fenders and no extra holes in the hood. Earlier models had no rear spoiler which made for a particularly unique looking rear end for a Pontiac of this body style.

1970 Firebird Esprit

The early Esprit's could be optioned with a 400 (though most had the 350), but many did not choose this because of the price difference.

James Garner as Jim Rockford driving a Firebird Esprit 400

"Hey, Angel, what about my car? I want my car! " -Jim Rockford

Scott Marlin

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  • what would these TV icons be without the cars! I've promoted this to the D_TRB USA facebook page! ^Joachim

    11 months ago
  • Their function was to offer luxury and, more or less, form over "performance" based options. I think they did that well for the Esprit in the early and mid 70's. Once the late 70's and early 80's set in, the message was getting a bit lost on what packages should really offer.

    1 year ago


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