The First Cars And Coffee Of The Season!

Colorado's winter weather finally ceased long enough for a cars and coffee to take place!

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Well, not quite. It was my first cars and coffee of the season, and what a cars and coffee it was (for many reasons)! From a painfully long drive on monotone highways, to the first sight of a long-awaited heaven, the Loveland Cars and Coffee was much-needed proof that it was finally time to get back to the business of diving headfirst into car culture (though cautiously, of course).

The first gorgeous automobile I saw (outside of an orange C8 Corvette leaving the meet ridiculously early) was this immaculate thin-body 289 Shelby Cobra. You get so used to seeing the thick-body 427 Cobras that you really appreciate the relative elegance of the thinner and less powerful models. Especially ones in a surprisingly good-looking cream color. Normally I'm not one for the “you must keep the factory look of old cars” mentality but this Cobra looks like it came right out of Ford v. Ferrari and I love it even more for that.

Oh yeah, you're seeing what you're seeing. This is a slammed early Chevrolet C10 pickup truck! Now I know it's pretty common to hear “slammed cars aren't my thing” (and they're not) but this is an example I can get behind! Firstly, it's got an awesomely odd-looking paint job, with its bright blue combined with some –I imagine– fake rust covering the top and middle of the doors (just below the windows) and the top and middle of the bed. I'm pretty inconsistent when it comes to “patina” paint jobs but this is one that I definitely like! Secondly, I like that they took a somewhat “unconventional” car and gave it the “stance nation” treatment! Again, this is not my preferred way of modifying a car, but this C10 is tastefully done in my opinion. Yes it's scraping-level low to the ground, but it has a very nice paint job and doesn't have a terrible-looking body kit on it (which is entirely subjective I know). Plus it's an unconventional car to be slammed, so that also wins it some points in my book.

Back to the modern end of the automotive spectrum, we have the early fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro. I'm not sure how popular or unpopular this opinion is, but I tend to think the fifth-gen Camaro is the best looking of all the modern Camaros. Moreover, I think it's one of the best-looking cars to come out in the late 2000s (hell, I think it's one of the best-looking cars to come out ever). Part of the reason for that belief is down to a level of nostalgia I have for this generation of Camaro, but another reason for that belief is because of how genuinely mature this design is. Unlike modern Chevrolets, I think the fifth-generation Camaro's styling has the right balance of character lines and creases to organic “fluid” bodywork. It's not so formless that it looks uninteresting and slab-sided, but it's also not so radical that it looks fussy. This era of Camaro does a good job utilizing creases and character lines whilst not allowing them to take over the design. A lot of modern GM/Chevrolet vehicles seem to have particularly “fussy” styling to me, so it's nice to be reminded that GM and or Chevrolet can and have made vehicles that were an expertly executed mix of aggression and style.

What I really like about this photo is how it shows the two extremes in the car culture. Nearer to the camera you have a beat-up Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS with a mismatched fender and behind that, you have a Mclaren 570S spider (perhaps it was a 540, I wasn't able to see the text on the side skirts). Two completely different cars, and both in completely different states (the Subaru being beat up and ratty, where the Mclaren looks like it just rolled off the dealership floor). They couldn't be more different yet they are both at the same meet and parked next to each other (though I imagine that was because of luck). No matter which end of car culture you subscribe to, we all share the same passion.

With that said, some people do a better job representing the car world than others, and unfortunately, this truth was on full display later at the event...

I'm sure some of you can see where this is going: An accident took place. No, it wasn't the fault of a Mustang this time. In fact, it was a Widebody Challenger Hellcat that actually caused the crash. Here's a summary of what went down: Challenger tried to do a pull coming out of a side road, kept in it for a little bit too long, and once they caught up to a truck going down the road, the rear-end of the Chally kicked out randomly and the muscle car accidentally hit the pickup truck. Worse still, the Challenger was in the perfect position to pit maneuver the truck when it spun. Thus, the truck itself began to spin and apparently hit something hard enough to get it to flip onto its roof. Below are the videos of the colossal fail.

Thanks to this tragedy, the people who hosted this cars and coffee event said that they won't be hosting another event soon (possibly even going as far as never hosting again). If you're someone who has done foolish antics like this when pulling out of a car meet, consider this: You and I want car meets to go to, right? Right. Well, we won't have an abundance of car meets to go if nonsense like this continues. Because of crap like this, meets frequently get canceled (or the people putting on the event stop hosting entirely, or we get bombarded from meeting in that location). Whatever the circumstance, this affects everyone because that's one less place to congregate. Moreover, the people who live in the immediate area might be robbed of a nice, close place to see some awesome machinery and meet some like-minded people (as is the case here). The more this happens, the fewer places we'll be able to meet, and neither of us wants that. So from me and everyone else, please stop ruining this for the rest of us.

Thankfully the husband and the wife of the white pickup truck were both OK, and the driver of the Hellcat was also OK. Even still, this incident proves to be a cautionary tale to everyone in the scene: Keep full-throttle antics to the track (and, if you won't listen to that, at least don't do it when there are other people around).

It's a shame that such an innocent, fun event like this was sullied like it was, but it wasn't all bad and I'm still glad that I went and am still grateful the organizers put on the event at all! Thanks, Loveland Cars and Coffee, and sorry one bad actor ruined things for you and everyone else...

In any case, I hope you all enjoyed this short report on my experience at the Cars and Coffee event! A proper photo gallery with many more photos will be coming soon but for now I hope this will suffice! Let me know what you think down below. As always, I will see you all next time.

Originally posted on Cody's Car Conundrum on 4/13/2021

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