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The First Changes to My AMG GT R! | GARAGE

I just had to do it!

3y ago

I think you knew this was coming! The first changes to my AMG GT R are to paint the wheels full black to really stealth out the beast and to kit them out with some winter tyres ready for the bad weather ahead. I also needed to install a tracker system and additionally get myself an International Driver Permit ahead of a very big trip to Dubai... What modifications would you like to see next?

The optional lightweight AMG GT R wheels came from new with a painted silver lip around the outside that I didn't particular like, however as it was the only way they could be ordered I went for it anyway with a view to give them the stealth look upon arrival. As before, I took the GT R in to Posh Wash to repaint them and at the same time to fit some Pirelli Sottozero II tyres; believe it or not winter tyres that are actually MO (Mercedes Original) homologated for the AMG GT R in hugely wide 325/30R20 fitment for the rear.

The next stop is for the installation of a tracking system, which is a security device on most expensive cars, normally required by insurance. For this car I've gone with SmarTrack's Global Telemetrics system which if installed to all of my cars will allow many features that aren't usually seen on these things.

In general, a bit of an errand running vlog, split out around my trip to Morocco, however this is only the start of the things to come on the AMG GT R, let me know what you'd like to see me changing next!

For more info about Posh and their wheel repainting/refurbishing:



For more info about Pirelli and winter tyres:



For more info about SmarTrack and Global Telemetrics:



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  • It looks great now with those all black wheels. If you make the badges black as well it would finish the menacing look.

      3 years ago