- The Aston Martin Rapide E

The first electric Aston Martin that you may have never heard of

It was never put into production but what was it and why did it not make production?

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The normal Aston Martin Rapide

A bit over 10 years ago, the idea of super saloons flooded the car market as opposed to the now popular SUV. We of course had the BMW M5, Audi RS5 and Mercedes C class AMG. There were also many up market companies who made or planned on making super saloons. Examples include the Maserati Quattraporte, Porsche Panamera, Lamborghini Estoque and of course, the Aston Martin Rapide.

Some super saloons

Some super saloons

It was one of a few of Aston Martins attempts at a saloon after its striking Lagonda and Lagonda Rapide as well as a few others. The Rapide was first made in 2010 and quickly became the most sold Aston Martin. It was elegant, luxurious and fast. It also came with other versions such as the Amr or Rapide S for those who thought that it wasn’t fast enough. So, what’s this about an electric one?

The Lagonda

The Lagonda

The electric Rapide

It’s likely you haven’t heard of it since it never made it into production however Aston Martin had planned to make it in 2017. The first time it was mentioned was in 2015 and then confirmed for production in 2017. It even was debuted at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. 155 were planned to be made although they had an undisclosed price. Sadly this was later changed to 0.

The Specs

It would’ve been compatible with an 800v outlet and would have a 65KwH battery It would’ve been able to gain 310 miles for each hour it charged. It was expected to do 0-60 in only 4 seconds and have a top speed of 155MPH due to its supposed 602 horsepower.

Why was it not made?

It was announced in 2020 that it would not be made. There are two main reasons why the Rapide E was cancelled. The first was due to financial pressure which has plagued Aston Martin since its conception 1913. The other reason was to focus their efforts on their SUV the DBX. The people at Aston Martin did say that their research and development into this car would not go to waste and would be used to help make a future electric car.

So, what do you think? Would you have preferred a Rapide E instead of a DBX? Would you prefer a Rapide E over a Porsche Taycan?

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  • To anyone who is about to say that THE LAGONDA IS UGLY u are an imbecile

      15 days ago
  • I never liked the concept of an electric Aston.

      15 days ago
  • I ignore the fact that it ever existed because it is a disgrace to the Aston Martin brand

      11 days ago
  • Drivetribe is gud

      10 days ago
  • I dislike the lagonda, so I wouldn't really buy either a gas or ev

      11 days ago