- Verstappen was error-free and sublime - just one point now behind Hamilton in the championship...

The (First) Italian GP DRIVETRIBE Power Rankings!

Who was the best in Imola? You decide!

2w ago


Here's who impressed you in Bahrain:

1. Lewis Hamilton (10/10) A stellar drive to hold off a faster Max Verstappen with 'the best 4 laps he's ever driven', the most popular score for Hamilton was 10.

=1. Max Verstappen (10/10) Back to back poles for the first time in his career and the first opening-round Red Bull pole for 8 years, Verstappen was on fire in Sakhir but just fell short in the race. Ten out of ten from the Drivetribe community.

=1. Sergio Perez (10/10) Pit lane start? No problem. Sergio was fantastic in his first race for Red Bull, and despite an initial Q2 grid slot he was also given a perfect ten.

2. Lando Norris (8/10) McLaren strong and Lando Norris is seemingly leading the way; a quiet but rapid drive bagged him P4 and 8/10.

=2. Charles Leclerc (8/10) McLaren aren't the only ones who are back; Ferrari are also on the rise once again. Leclerc hauled his SF21 onto the second row of the grid and took some great points from Bahrain.

=2. Yuki Tsunoda (8/10) A lot of 8's, eh? This one is certainly deserved. Yuki set the F1 world into raptures with his incredible Q1 pace, and a few late-braking spectacles late on in the race gave him P8 and 8/10.

3. Valtteri Bottas (7/10) 'What could have been' was probably what was running through the Finn's mind that Sunday evening. A 10 second pit stop distorted the final gap to Hamilton slightly, and you gave him a comfortable 7.

=3. Carlos Sainz (7/10) The Spaniard had the measure of his Monegasque teammate until Q3, and followed up with a strong debut on Sunday. Ferrari will surely love how easily he settled in with Binotto even remarking, 'It's good to finally have two drivers to rely on again.' Ouch, Seb.

=3. Daniel Ricciardo (7/10) He outqualified Norris in qualifying and got away well, before duelling with Lando and losing a significant chunk of downforce in a incident with Pierre Gasly. Given the circumstances, a P7 finish and a 7/10 is pretty good.

=3. Lance Stroll (7/10) Lance's weekend was secretly excellent. Whilst his teammate generally struggled, Stroll hauled the AMR21 into Q3 and (apart from being mugged by Tsunoda on the 56th and final lap) was flawless in what will be a tough few races for his team.

=3. Kimi Raikkonen (7/10) '20 years, still here' became another popular meme on Sunday afternoon, and he certainly hasn't lost any of his speed. Alfa look like a midfield team again, and Kimi made the most of it with a solid P11.

4. Fernando Alonso (6/10) Sandwich wrapper > Ten-million pound car. That's it: that's the review.

=4. George Russell (6/10) George keeps making a habit of appearing in Q2 - and at the moment that's the best his car will afford him.

=4. Mick Schumacher (6/10) I guess all you can ask of Mick this season is to keep the car on track, finish the races and steal a point if... [does the maths] eleven cars retire. In Bahrain he did 2/3 of these things, and you gave him a neat 6/10.

5. Esteban Ocon (5/10) Slightly disappointing from Esteban - not as good as Fernando, at least - but without the, let's call it a tap, tap from Sebastian he may have been in the mix for some points.

=5. Antonio Giovinazzi (5/10) This one I think was a bit harsh - Antonio was a mere two-hundredths off Q3 - and an extremely long first pit stop assigned him P12, fairly close to Raikkonen.

6. Pierre Gasly (4/10) Another pretty harsh one; Pierre managed P5 in qualifying but early contact saw him finish a whole 4 laps down...

=6. Sebastian Vettel (4/10) From a pairing that brought so much hype in the off-season, this hasn't been a great beginning, has it? Four out of ten was the rating.

=6. Nicolas Latifi (4/10) I have no idea how Nicolas Latifi got on in Bahrain. That probably tells you why he got a four, then.

7. Nikita Mazepin (1/10) He spun three times. Mercedes spent more time repairing Hamilton's front wing at Hockenheim two years ago than he has a Formula One career.


(Same as above for now, but as the season progresses each driver's mean will make up their position on this leaderboard)


Without further ado, who impressed you in Imola?

[Important note that 1 is the worst and 10 is the best, some people got confused last week!]

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Comments (5)

  • Verstappen and Norris were on fire this weekend. And Hamilton if not for that mistake!

      18 days ago
    • Reminded me a bit of Austria last year - the fastest driver but a costly error cost him the win. Verstappen and Norris were sublime, easily 10/10. Shame for Perez!

        18 days ago
    • Exactly like Austria if you ask me. Perez got a penalty that race which hindered him at the end iirc as well!

      But yeah, hope Perez has a better race next week. Driving an unfamiliar car at the limits in tricky conditions at possibly the second...

      Read more
        18 days ago
  • Norris was the stand out of the weekend, for me both in qualifying and the race, comfortably outpacing Danny Ric all weekend and got a deserved podium. Verstappen was as expected if slightly lucky the restart slip up didn't cost him. Hamilton was fortunate that the red flag enabled him to unlap himself otherwise he would have been 8th at best. Leclerc was conversely a little unlucky as the red flag cost him a podium with the time gap over Norris he had taken away by it and the Ferrari probably is a fraction behind the Mclaren at the moment. Finally Russell was probably not ultimately at fault in the Bottas accident, but his subsequent reaction to it may put a little dent in his long term career aspirations.

      17 days ago
    • Toto didn’t seem too pleased about it (George’s reaction, I mean) so you’re right; but these things happen. It was a high stakes crash for many reasons; so his reaction is understandable yet wrong.

        17 days ago