- The 86 after the fist few mods

The First Modifications

Starting up the Project 86

3y ago
There she is - as delivered by Toyota

There she is - as delivered by Toyota

As you can imagine, I, being a mechanic, wasn't waiting very long until I started to modify my car. But I had and I still have one principle:

I don't want all show and shine, I want an increase in performance!

And because of that, the RocketBunny V2 comes at the very last. So, joke aside, the first thing that I replaced was the rear spoiler - I bought the original TRD one - what I didn't know was that I had to drill some holes into the trunk. But, well, I did that. It not just looks much better than the factory one - in my mind, it also makes the car feel a little more stable at high speed. All in all that was a very easy modification that can be done by almost anyone.

The next parts almost came all at the same time.

KW Coilovers and Whiteline sway bars

If you know the 86, you know that it handles pretty well for a stock car. There are many tests out which describe the handling of the 86 as, for a stock car, incredibly good. Because of the good handling, you can almost ruin the car by putting cheap coilovers in it - that is why I went for the german KW V3.

thanks to a good discount the coilovers weren't as pricey as expected

thanks to a good discount the coilovers weren't as pricey as expected

When it comes to every part of the suspension that doesn't concern the coilovers, like bushings and anti-roll bars, I absolutely adore the products from Whiteline. I ordered a complete kit including the sway bars for front and rear, sway bar links and more. This kit gives the opportunity to adjust the sway bars as well as the links to your personal convenience. I for one like it, when the ride is quite hard, not bumpy, but different to the stock ride.

picture by whitelineperformance.com

picture by whitelineperformance.com

After installing these components I was able to adjust not only the coilovers but also the sway bars.

Including the new wheels and tires - I went for some Pirelli P-Zero 225/40/18 at front and 255/35/18 at the rear - the car looks and drives completely different than before. If you throw that thing into a corner now, the stock 86 would lean a hell of a lot, but not this one! With these changes, you are able to majorly increase the cornering speed - it grips incredibly well.

And that should sum up my first few modifications to the Project 86.

The next article will include the change of the clutch and flywheel.