- Porsche typ 64

The First Porsche.

Most think of the 356 as being the first car to carry the Porsche name. However, this beats it by a few years.

2y ago

Study the photos , look past the phallic proportions, and you will be rewarded by a number of design cues that would eventually find their way onto the 356 and 911.

Look at the round headlights, aerodynamic shape and sloping rear. The car above arose out of the prototypes used to create Hitler's people's car or "Volkswagon." Just like the post war 356, the typ 64 used Beetle mechanicals to create a sports car with 40 hp!

Now that was a big deal back in the 1930's.

The car was designed to take part in the Berlin-Rome race in 1939. The engine was an 1100cc 4-cylinder which was air cooled.

Due to its aerodynamic shape, it was capable of achieving more than 80mph on drives between Stuttgart and Berlin.

All these photos were taken by me at the Porsche museum last Summer .

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  • Lovely post, Sundeep. Thank you for sharing with us.

      2 years ago
  • Porsche Museum is one of my A-listed automotive pilgrimage sites, that I try to revisit whenever I am passing by the south of Germany, and last year the 70th anniversary gave another good reason to pass by for a bunch of nice shots with a nr 70 on them ( egzostive.com/porsche-museum-2018/ ). This car is among the most impressive ones on display, and indeed it stems from the 30's. Ferdinand was the Tony stark of the pre WWII era, he had an incredible life, when he to Vienna in the early 1900s he designed a petrol-electric hybrid for the royal coachbuilder Lohner. He moved on to work at various commonalities (e.g.he was Autro Daimler's masterind at Mercedes) conceived incredible concepts that were way ahead of their time...

    I recommend to have a look at the private collection of the Porsche Family in Salzburg. It is a perfect addition to the factory museum, and is primarily about Ferdinand innovations. egzostive.com/porsche-fahrtraum-2018-update/

      2 years ago
  • How cool was The Porsche museum?

      2 years ago