- My personal Lamborghini Urus in the rain

The First super sports suv: Lamborghini Urus

Hot wheels knocked it out of the park with this new model for 2020!


This Lamborghini Urus is a Hot Wheels new model and I have to say Hot Wheels did an extravagant job on the proportions and the details. I also am very satisfied with the Giallo Auge color. The Urus has become very popular for becoming known as the first "super sports" suv. The suv uses an Audi derived 4.0 L twin-turbocharged, cross-plane crankshaft V-8. It produces 641 horsepower and 627 lb ft of torque. Transmitted that power is a 8-speed sequential automatic. All this power in a good looking SUV is exciting!

Motor 1

Motor 1

Front details and textures

The First thing you notice is the painted headlights. It has multiple patterns within it to give it a realistic look and in between them is the logo of the raging bull. The black grille is textured and has yellow painted accents. There is plenty of detail on the front of this model and is impressive for a $1 model you can buy at a grocery store.

Urus at the Gulf station

Urus at the Gulf station

Rear details

The best part of this model is not only the front is detailed, but the rear is as well. The taillights are painted bright red with a hint of white lining within them. Between the taillights is black paint with "Lamborghini" lettering in silver written on the back. Lastly for the painted details, the license plate says "URUS" in large black lettering. embedded into the base is the exhaust system and even includes the muffler at the rear of the base.


This new Lamborghini Urus casting earns 5-stars from me. The proportions are done excellent, the model is highly detailed and you can't go wrong with a classic Lamborghini Yellow paint job. I am looking forward to seeing more variations of this model and I highly recommend picking one up for yourself. If you enjoyed don't forget to bump and follow for more! Have a nice day!

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