The First Trailer For The New Top Gear America Is Here!

Will The Show Be Any Good?

3y ago

So just like its UK cousin, ​the American version of Top Gear is getting a reboot. New hosts, new channel same old Stig. Fifth Gear Alum Tom Ford, Drag Racer Antron Brown and Hollywood Actor William Fichtner are your new hosts. While each new host is talented in their own right there are some lingering questions: Will the new show be any good?

I know there is a sizable portion of you who refuse to watch anything that doesn't have Clarkson, Hammond, and May in it. You are welcome to do that while I will be giving this new cast a chance. Why? Why does my loyalty to CHM prevent me from watching other shows? Simple, I'm a car guy, I love car guy shows, the more the better. I honestly do not care the format. I do not care if it is a copy of a great show.

CHM killed it on Top Gear. They redefined the genre and there will never be another group like them. That doesn't mean new shows following the same guidelines won't be good. Look at UK Top Gear once you get past the first season with Chris Evans and look at the second attempt you'll notice the show was very good. So at the very least, ​these new boys deserve a chance.

Check out ShiftingLanes on YouTube:

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Comments (3)

  • Give it a chance before you pass judgement. Also, that video isn't available to every country...

      3 years ago
  • never really liked Top gear USA.

      3 years ago
  • watch the Le Blanc GT 40 Review, and i was bored to many cut in it as it was petrolsexual thought TG was going to hump the exhaust pipe with all the fast cut way to many cuts in my view,

    look like the same with this version, very boring indeed.

      3 years ago