The first VW Caddy

It was a pick-up-truck, know as type 14D.

Some people will be wondering about the fact first Caddy was a pick-up, but that´s how it started.

Why had VW built a pick-up?

Initially the Caddy was designed for the US-market, especially the northern states. VW decided to built a pick-up-truck based on the Golf Mk1. This car firstly was named VW Rabbit Pick-Up. VW decided to let the car being built at Volkswagen Westmoreland Assembly, located in Pennsylvania. After success in the US VW also decided to offer it in Europe in a modified version.

The 14D in Europe

VW made some static adjustments at the car´s truck basement to get it more comfortable and loadable. To offer that VW built the Caddy with a different axle; by using a four-door Golf and not a two-door model (like the US version is based on) the space could be increased. Moreover VW adjusted headlights and designed new, round headlights. This adjusted version - now called VW Caddy - had been built by TAS in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegowina (it´s an old car manufacturer who also built the VW Golf and the VW Jetta in their first and second versions). Production started in 1938; it was stopped caused by the Bosnian War in 1992.

Production after 1992

In the US production of VW Rabbit Pick-UP had already been stopped by 1984, so VW needed a new place to let the Caddy being built, they decided to do it in South Africa alongside the Citi-Golf (a facelift of Mk1 built and marketed until 2009 in South Africa). This model type also got some changes: new motor, a modified front and it was only available as a Right-Hand-Drive-model. Production gone until 2007.

Since then VW built the following versions of Caddy to get a better offer for higher-rated markets (i.e. Europe). The 9KV (1995-2003) had been built by Seat in Spain and a similar version (9U) had been built by Skoda in the Czech Republic. Since 2003 a third version named Caddy 2K is being built until today in Posen, Poland.

Further generations of Caddys: 9KV (, 9U (KarleHorn), 2K (

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