65`Shelby Mustang GT350R in scale 1/18 made by Shelby Collectibles

The most expensive Mustang ever!

The "Flying Mustang" got its name on Valentine's Day 1965, when Ken Miles not only steered the car to the finish line first at Green Valley Raceway, but also made sure that it briefly took off in between and was in the air with all four wheels. A photo of that moment went around the world and helped create legends of the driver, car and constructor.



This 1965 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R - driven by Ken Miles and entered by Terlingua Racing - was painted white like all Shelby's of this year, with optional parallel blue stripes from nose to tail. Door step stripes with the GT350 lettering were also available.

The car itself, numbered 5R002, is not only the second Shelby GT350 built, but also the first Shelby GT350R ever built. The "R" differed from the normal GT350 with a sportier chassis, a modified 289 cubic-inch Ford Windsor V8 with 306 horsepower, more powerful cooling, fiberglass body panels and plexiglass windows. The interior was also modified to match racing needs, including, of course, a roll cage.

At the July 2020 Mecums auction, perhaps the most legendary Shelby GT350R changed hands for $3.85 million, breaking the record set by the original January 2020 movie-Bullitt: The most expensive Mustang ever!

Do yourself a favor and check out the booklet listed there as well.

"Best in Class" at the Concours d'Elegance in Amelia Island in 2014 and Pebble Beach in 2015. The car with its unique history is still in its original condition today, which of course pushed the price up. The fact that, apart from Ken Miles, several other famous racing drivers such as Carroll Shelby himself sat behind the wheel of the car is then probably just a drop in the bucket when you want to discuss the value of the car.

The model

If you know the miniatures of Shelby Collectibles, you know that the models are provided with great attention to detail. In addition, they are still unrivaled with a unit price of just 70 Euros. Except for a small blemish on the paint in the area of the rear, it is flawless. The wheels with Good Year lettering are neatly dimensioned and complete the timeless look of the Mustang perfectly. Both the hood, doors, and tailgate open to allow a view of the Ford's inner workings. Absolutely wonderful!!!

Who wants to get a piece of American motorsport history in his home display case, is best advised with this model.

Enough words, just let the pictures work on you!

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  • I have a 1/64 scale lol

      1 month ago
    • Nice!!! Show it up on the tribe (if you havent already)

        1 month ago
  • Shelby collectibles is surprisingly good. I've got a 1/64 cobra, and there are so many tiny parts waiting to break off. I'm not a mustang dude, but these are sweet.

      1 month ago