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The Ford Bronco Sport Is Here At Last! How Is It?

I had the keys to this Bronco Sport. Here are my thoughts.

The Ford Bronco was on a hiatus for almost 3 decades and last year we saw its rebirth. Along with it, we were shown the all-new Ford Bronco Sport, a smaller compact SUV variant of the "big boy" Bronco. So, with that being said I am sure everyone is wondering how it is. Let me tell you below.

Exterior Styling

"...a beautiful example..."

The exterior styling of the Bronco Sport is nothing short of boxy. The only curves that are noticeable can be seen in the front fascia with the grille and headlights. Every line that defines the Bronco Sport is seen as edges. In that sense, the Bronco Sport is retro-looking like it was back in the '90s. With this retro look, the Bronco Sport should take back those to the glory days of what it meant to own a Bronco. A simple SUV that can do the job of anything else made in the market. For me, it's a beautiful example of relived art. The only thing is that the Bronco Sport is quite small and can be compared to the Jeep Renegade in size.

Interior Design

"...like to pay..."

The interior design is elegantly rugged. With the blend of leather, metal, and plastic the Bronco Sport seems like it can handle itself in almost any setting. At a fancy restaurant, the interior looks like it can handle its own when compared to some other competitors. The bulky dials and buttons remind me of the interior of a Jeep Wrangler in the sense of weather-proofing. As for designs, one can't forget that they are in a Bronco with the logo on the steering wheel and front headrests. And like some cars that like to pay homage to their predecessors, there is a silhouette Bronco in the rear glass that can be only seen from the inside looking out. The seats are not only comfortable but offer great support for long drives. The heated seats are very close to how hot and relaxing my personal BMW seats can get, and that's a compliment and a half. The interior space is plenty, but I can't sit behind myself without being a little uncomfortable in the leg space region. The trunk has plenty of space to hold a month's worth of groceries and enough space for a week's getaway with the family. But that is all.

Pricing and Options

So, how much does this Bronco Sport cost? Well, since this is a pre-production model it is not for sale. But the cost of what it would cost is a mere $36,045. What does that get a potential owner? For safety, the Bronco Sport comes with ABS, rear-view camera, Securicode keyless keypad, Advancetrac with RSC, multiple airbags, perimeter alarm, SOS post-crash alert system, lane-departure warning, lane-keep assist, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring. For comfort and convenience, the Bronco Sport comes with a wireless device charger, heated steering wheel, heated powered front seats, multiple USB ports, dual-zone climate control, FordPass Connect 4G Wi-Fi hot spot, B&O Sound system, infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity, and ambient lighting.


"...came with a..."

The 1.5L Ecoboost 4-cylinder produces a mere 181-horsepower to all four wheels in a 4x4 fashion. With my driving habits, I was able to achieve 27 miles to the gallon. Ride comfort is spectacular. The suspension keeps everything nice and tidy and causes no drama when going over bumps. Steering is sharp and direct but at the same time, surprisingly light. Braking is stupendous for that it does not take much for the Bronco Sport to come to a halt. I only wish the Bronco Sport came with a V6 or beefier 4-cylinder.


"...at a reasonable..."

So, how is the Bronco Sport? It is a great compact SUV for what it was built for. It provides great road comfort, exceptional fuel economy, and a significant amount of options for safety and convenience all at a reasonable and affordable price. I would buy one. One thing I would have to get over is that when driving, I feel like I am in a Jeep. Great job, Ford. Can't wait to see what is next in-store.

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Comments (32)

  • The must have fashion accessory for sorority girls for the foreseeable future.

      4 months ago
  • It's a cool little vehicle. Like the article stated, it's quite similar to the Jeep Renegade. I wouldn't particularly consider owning a vehicle in that class, but I can appreciate the work that Ford put into it and it's looks. Well done

      4 months ago
  • Great review! Finally some real world info on this thing. Looks great. I like the spartan interior. I can add electronics if I wish. But for it's intended purpose it looks up to the task and then some. Too small for me. But I can appreciate it for what it is. Thanks for doing this review. I've been wondering.

      4 months ago
  • That’s a neat looking Jeep Renegade. Such a sad sad ‘Bronco’.

      4 months ago
  • @tribe New article is up! What do you think?

      4 months ago