The Ford Capri 2.8 Injection is an 80s Icon.

The latest Twin-Cam video is on a car I'd never really loved... until now. This is the Mk3 Ford Capri in its best trim, the 2.8 Injection

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The final iteration of the European Capri came in 1978, lightly modernising the ageing design to bring it in line with more modern styling trends and its blue oval stablemates. The entire Ford range went in this styling direction in the late 70s and early 80s, with this Capri almost previewing cars like the Mk5 Cortina (there’s a video on that) and the Mk3 Escort.

As we’d come to expect, Ford performed the perfect facelift. Removing the chrome modernised the car, as did the ribbed rear lamps. The aeroflow grille echoed the Fiesta, establishing a Ford identity. The quad headlamps and hooded bonnet line darkened the Capri’s attitude and gave it a purposeful, maybe even aggressive persona. Very different to the wide eyed Mk2. The rear spoiler is another 80s hallmark that added to its sporting pretensions, but it was also functional. This improved the aerodynamic efficiency for better fuel consumption and higher speeds. On the slipperiest models drag was down to 0.37 from 0.42 on the Mk2. This was a genuinely impressive improvement. For 1978, this was bang up to date, and another impressive showing from Ford, knowing exactly what the buying public wanted in terms of style. The effectiveness is unbelievable, especially considering the entire project cost only £480,000. Capri production ended in 1986, but even by that point, the design hadn’t aged badly at all. It was still the perfect blend of sensibility and sporting stance, even if the Ford family look had moved on and it lacked the appeal of a modern hot hatch.

If you'd like to hear more, then please do watch the full video on YouTube!


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    The Ford Capri 2.8 Injection is an 80s Icon.