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The Ford F-150 Harley Davidson edition is coming back!

1w ago


Back in 2011, Ford stopped manufacturing the Harley Davidson F-150 which upset all those hardcore motorbike-truck enthusiasts out there. But, the inevitable wait is over!

As many of you may be thinking, this isn't a job by Harley Davidson as such. This time, an independant customization company have taken over called, Elkhart. This does not by any means suggest it'll be any worse as it looks incredible. I wouldn't have one personally as I much prefer a stock F-150 (maybe with a lift-kit) but this is great for those who want something a little different parked outside their house.

The new truck is set to debut at the upcoming Chicago Motor Show, so keep your eyes peeled.

So, what do you get with the Harley Davidson kit?

Well, you get quite a few upgrades and differences around the truck. The truck is sitting on BDS suspension with Fox performance shock absorbers so you can already tell how comfortable of a ride this will be. You will also notice that the wheels are different as it is sporting a set of 22 inch Fatboy-style rims cocooned by 35 inch all terrain tyres.

Owners will also get a front scoop on the bonnet, a new front honeycomb grille, flared wheel arches (because who doesn't want that), built in LED light bar, performance exhaust, tow hooks, a new redesigned rear bumper and of course lots of Harley Davidson badges so you feel special.

So, you may be wondering how much this will cost you. It isn't cheap. The cheapest new F-150 will cost you around $28,000 which is a good price but the Harley edition comes at around $100,000. The black one costs $97,415, the white model costs $97,710, and the grey one costs $98,433. That's some serious cash for a pickup.

I think I would rather have a Raptor for easily half the price...

Could you justify forking out the best part of $100k for this?