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The Ford F-150 Lightning already hits the 100,000 mark in pre-orders

Ford is already considering a smaller electric pickup truck

1w ago

In the United States, the land of the combustion engine par excellence, the craze for electric pickup trucks has apparently been largely underestimated by many forecasters. As proof, the Ford F-150 Lightning has already passed a symbolic commercial milestone. In just three weeks, the truck has exceeded the 100,000 mark in pre-orders.

This incredible momentum already equals that seen by the Tesla Cybertruck when it was presented in late 2019. And this momentum is set to continue as pre-orders for the Pro version for professionals also opened three weeks ago. Ford is now considering adding a new, more compact electric pickup truck to its range.

It is not yet known whether this will be an electric version of the Maverick or a completely new model. What is certain is that, if confirmed, this vehicle would be even more affordable than the F-150 Lightning. It would then be positioned in a segment without any competition, which would allow the American brand to make a big hit.

Photo credits Ford

Photo credits Ford

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  • That is a good start.

      9 days ago
  • Despite all the hype, then shoot downs, then unsubstantiated gossip surrounding this new Ford, it's going to be a phenomenal success. It's very rare that a truck owner actually NEEDS a gas or diesel version to do what needs doing. Perhaps if your job is pulling a U-Haul across the States, then it'll still make more sense, but even then you could instantly increase your profit margins if you were able to get away with a few charging stops en route. This needs no special knowledge, change of mind-set or especially deep pockets to make use of. Americans, unique amongst most world citizens, use these very large vehicles as their go-to choice for a family car, so instead of turning the air they breathe into a toxic soup every time they nip off down to the shops, they can just jump aboard and do exactly the same thing but without polluting anyone or anything... they might even use their solar roofing to 'fill the tank' for nothing. I know there will soon be many manufacturers offering their own take on this formula, with the Tesla being only the most extreme. That 'big-auto' is now taking things seriously and not just putting some kind of pretend sop to clean motoring on the market, is very encouraging indeed. The market is truly immense and everyone with something like this on offer will be struggling to get anywhere near to meeting the demand that'll swell up as people find out how frankly brilliant EVs are by comparison to what they've become used to. I've said it many times, but it's worth repeating that car buyers are fickle creatures. They'll forget burbling V8s. They'll forget American brands and go Japanese. They'll forget giant land-yacht sedans. They will forget everything... when something better comes along.

      8 days ago