The Ford Fiesta Eco boost zetec s

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The ford fiesta is a marvel of a car. It has a rich history for being the plucky little run around that anyone can use, and not be eternally embarrassed. First brought to our hearts in 1976 - Mechanically, the Fiesta followed tradition, with an end-on four-speed manual transmission of the Ford BC-Series mounted to a new version of the Ford Kent OHV engine. It was a plucky little pocket rocket.

The new models (2008 onwards) are renowned for value for money, and for the enjoyment of driving. Something fords have lacked in years gone by. This new era of ford fiesta is an engineering marvel. The eco boost engine can provide 130 bhp from a 1.0 litre engine. Yes a 1.0 litre!! In late 2008 Motor Trend called the new generation of Fiesta a "superb little car" - even though it was a year away from release. expectations were already rife, but we weren't disappointed were we! To say the fiesta is a great all round car is truly and injustice. The car provides and immersion to the road for those who want that "fizz" when driving. But also, the simple and yet easy to know design lets anyone from a privileged 17 year olds first car to a 70 year nan enjoy such a great vehicle.

However, even the boy racer within us can buy a car with the "pazaz" that you'd experience from a sports car for half the price - I'm of course talking about the ST. The ST might just be the best hatchback on the market (my opinion)

Let me know about what you think about the modern day generation of fiesta's and fiesta's in general.

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