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The Ford Mustang EcoBoost says goodbye to Europe

Farewell, little four-cylinder!

5w ago

To seduce the European market, which is much more demanding in terms of fuel economy, Ford had added a 2.3-litre, four-cylinder EcoBoost to the sixth-generation Mustang. While many fans saw this as a provocation, it's not the first time the muscle car has used this kind of architecture.

The second generation also had a similar engine in 1974. Today, with 314 PS and then 290 PS after the facelift, this version combined honest performance with more acceptable fuel consumption. Despite this, it didn't convince Europeans, who largely preferred the smoother but also more thirsty V8.

The higher prices due to emission taxes in many countries weren't enough to calm customer enthusiasm for this typically American V8 version either. As a result, 15% of Mustangs sold in Europe were equipped with the four-cylinder EcoBoost. Faced with this surprising finding, Ford discreetly withdrew this version from the European catalogue.

From now on, only the GT and Mach 1 models, both equipped with the 5.0-litre V8 developing 450 PS, are available on European configurators. This engine is available with a six-speed manual or ten-speed automatic transmission. The convertible version remains available.

Photo credits Ford

Photo credits Ford

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