The Ford Mustang GT – Stunning Icon for a Stunning Price Tag

Driving, Revving and Reviewing the Ford Mustang GT 5.0 V8

Who doesn’t like the sound of a V8, especially one that’s naturally aspirated and holds the Mustang GT badge? Well, recently, I got the opportunity to take the 5.0 Litre Ford Mustang GT for a spin and also managed to capture on camera revving her to the redline. That shouty V8 can awaken all your senses and will put an ear to ear smile on everyone's face who hears her. Now, 396bhp might not sound like much, but when you marry that engine to a six-speed paddle-shifter automatic, the 515Nm of torque produced will embed you deep into your seat each time you put your foot down. And to support this argument Ford clams their Mustang GT will do 0 to 100 in just 4.8 seconds.

Muscle cars are known for their massive front-mounted engines that sends all its power to the rear wheels, their fastback for better aero and their superb straight-line speed. This pony, however, is slightly different from your regular American muscle, the Mustang GT has the ability to switch off its anti-skid and traction control in sports+ mode to become unlike any of its predecessors or competitors, a complete drift machine.

While I stood there trying to take it all in, I realised how beautifully the Race Red colour highlighted each and every line of the car. Also, how the front splitter, the radiator grill, as well as those massive 19-inch low profile tyres are all blacked-out to compliment the red perfectly. That swooping roof-line, designed to merge gently with the rear spoiler is known as the fastback or the sports-back, introduced in 1965 to the Mustang line-up to reduce the drag coefficient of the vehicle and has now become an integral part of every Grand Trourimo vehicle. This quintessential Mustang fastback brings to mind the scene from one of my all-time favourite movies ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ where Nicolas Cage talks to Elenore (his Mustang) the night before stealing her; “Smooth, easy ride. We’re just gonna glide...”

Now, long as it might seem from the outside, the car feels extremely welcoming and comfortable to drive even in traffic. Inside, almost everything is wrapped in leather to ensure you feel plush and the ride is exceptionally smooth even on city roads, which makes you sometimes forget that you’re driving around in a V8 sports GT. Ford has been kind enough to address this issue by placing the galloping horse badge on the steering wheel and the 1964 Mustang badge on the passenger's side dash to remind you that you are indeed driving one of their most iconic sports cars. The outside visibility, the driving position along with all the driver aids feels perfect and user-friendly, unlike its rivals; the 5.0 Mustang is a no-nonsense, get in and go type GT coupe, designed to go fast and to eat those miles during long drives. Yes, the rear seats are a joke and yes, the trunk is an excuse for storage but all that’s just nib picking, because once you're behind the wheel, that V8 soundtrack and all that power at your disposal will put an irresistible smile on your face.

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