The Ford Mustang is still the best-selling sports car in the world

For the second year in a row

A guy I used to work with in a previous life once told me that "records are mostly meaningless, if you make it specific enough, anything can be a record". He had a point. We've seen that in recent years with brands like Tesla claiming speed records at Laguna Seca and around the 'Ring. Listen, I love Tesla but I'm not sure I understand the value of claiming a world record (fastest electric 4-door sedans) for a specific category that includes two or three vehicles in total at the moment. This is a different record, perhaps a bit more interesting, as the Mustang retains its title of 'best-selling sports car in the world' as well as 'best-selling sports coupe in the world', for the 2nd and 6th consecutive year respectively.

According to the vehicle registration data from IHS Markit, Ford sold 80,577 Mustangs in 2020, and that's including Bullitt, Shelby GT350, Shelby GT350R and Shelby GT500 models - a 15.1% increase year-on-year in total, and a whopping +52.7% if we only consider sales of Shelby and Bullitt variants.

Rather unsurprisingly, the US is still the largest market for Mustangs, with around 3/4 of total sales. Texas, California and Florida lead the way with 8,600, 6,200 and 5,864 units respectively. European markets have also seen a sales increase, especially the Netherlands (+38.5%) and Denmark (+12.5%). And now comes the moment you all dread: yes, we gotta talk about the Mustang Mach-E.

Ford sold 6,614 units in Q3 2020 and they say that, on average, a new Mustang Mach-E only spent 7 days on dealer lots before being sold.

Money no object, which (modern) Ford Mustang would you buy?

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Comments (34)

  • The most affordable way to get a bunch of horsepower, not all people can handle it, as demonstrated at car shows everywhere.

      28 days ago
  • Cool, I'm actually glad the Mach E is selling well.

      28 days ago
    • Like Porsche, Aston Martin, and Lamborghini in making SUVs, if it helps Ford continue making the real Mustang, and people want it, more power to them.

        28 days ago
    • I agree, I also think it is a good car and it wouldn't have sold without the Mustang badge

        28 days ago
  • You bet your sweet pumpkin pie the Mustang is the best selling sports car. It's the best all around value for a car. It handles better than a Challenger, it has better visibility than a Camaro, its cheaper than an M2/3/4/Supra, and more powerful than a Nissan 370Z. It comes in a manual and has a ton of useful technology. It's just the bees knees.

      28 days ago
  • I love listening to the roar as the Mustang Mach-E thunders by.....

      28 days ago
    • I live in a "tourist" type area and honest to god, as much as I love MY loud car, motorcycles etc, I will be so glad when we go mostly electric and the small dick crowd isn't pissing around the roads by my house trying to kill themselves on our curvy...

      Read more
        24 days ago
  • I’ve always liked the Bullitt; cool, understated in green, and linked to a movie with a great chase scene.

      28 days ago