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The Ford Puma: Is it actually worth buying?

Well lets put it this way, is it better than the old one?

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Well why don't we start of with some figures (I know boring but actually quite interesting.)

The old Ford Puma (1997-2002) specs

Power 88 - 152 bhp

0 - 60 mph 7.9 - 10.8 secs

Fuel Economy 34 - 39 mpg

But times have moved on Ford have released a new one. A car that Jeremy voted as one of the greatest cars of the year.

One thing about this car that is so different is the design as it is not meant to look like its predecessor.

Ford have said that the new Puma is a small SUV or what you Americans from across the pond all a 'Cross-over.' It's also based on the same platform as the Fiesta. However its nothing really like a Fiesta as it is classed as a B-segment SUV not a sort of pocket rocket like stuff such as the VW Polo or the Ford Fiesta.

From launch, the Puma will get/and has got a turbocharged 1.0l 3-cylindar with some very mild hybrid assistance which I might add, is better for the environment. The highest spec model of the Puma has 153 BHP but as standard you get 123 BHP which is still quite a lot but not quite as much as a Polo GTi or a Toyota Yaris GRMN. The top of the range model also features a 6-speed manual gearbox.

It is quite economical too as it can do up to 40 MPG partly because of the Turbocharger and hybrid assistance. Ford had claimed that in 'Eco Mode' it can do 58.9 MPG. The Germans have made better 3-cylindar engines (not going to lie) this one isn't the greatest but over all it's ok. I would rather have a VW 3.0l.

But what is like in reality because hardly anyone is going to use all that power on a daily basis lets be honest, so what's like on the main roads where there are speed limits, potholes etc. Good news in that case because once your in it and driving at normal speeds of around 40-70 MPH (in the UK) it's brilliant and relatively comfortable. For anyone who has been in old one, it's not a performer when it comes to the school run or just as a daily driver. This one however you can use freely on a track (if you really wanted too) and on main roads and surprisingly quite quiet.

- Ford UK

- Ford UK

Although it's a very small SUV, it's quite spacious with enough room for some luggage and a few friends.

- Ford UK

- Ford UK

The interior is similar to the Fiesta and the big infotainment screen houses many useful features such as a Satnav, a option to go into Eco mode and a radio amongst other interesting features.


I must impress upon you, that no matter what spec you get the Puma in you are getting a a lot for your money and there is no real reason why it should be marked down apart form a few minors. There is nothing really bad to say that stands out a mile. So overall I would highly recommend this car to anyone wanting a small spacious B-Segment SUV that is quiet on the road and a beast on a track.

Ford PUma rating

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Comments (6)

  • The old puma is also a bargain at the moment in the U.K., fizzy little chassis for sub £1000

      11 days ago
    • Yeah I like the old one but I am more inclined to say I like this one more I would have given the old one 3/5

        11 days ago
    • It costs about 3 monthly payments on the new one, and I think that’s amazing

        11 days ago
  • no

      4 days ago
  • YES

      10 days ago