The Ford Ranchero Might Be Back!

Kleber Silva has rendered Ford's rumoured baby pickup.

2y ago

So, we all know the rumoured baby pickup is a replacement for the very popular Bantam. This rumour surface in July of 2018. The Bantam was a half-tonne utility that worked perfect for a great number of people. The Ford Bantam launched (in South Africa) back in 1983 and went out of production at the end of 2011.

And now a digital artist, Kleber Silva, has created a render of what the baby pickup could look like.

Kleber Silva is a digital artist from Brazil. Interestingly, Brazil is the country where the production model is expected to eventually debut. Kleber has imagined the double-cab in two trim levels, the Active variant and Titanium variant.

Active Variant

Titanium variant

Moreover, Kleber Silva has handed it the Ranchero moniker. The Ford Ranchero was a single-cab utility vehicle produced from 1957 to 1979.

As we can see from the images above, both rendered variants use the Blue Oval brand’s latest family face (signature grille). However, carmag states that the Active derivative gains extra black plastic cladding up front. Moreover, it gains a fog lamp arrangement "borrowed from the Focus Active".

Meanwhile, the rear includes elements of the Volkswagen Tarok concept. Now, this is interesting, because, as Carmag states: "Ford and VW are exploring a strategic alliance which is likely to kick off with commercial vehicle projects".

What are your thoughts? Will this be a successful move? Do you prefer a unibody utility over a full size pickup? Let me know down in the comments.


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