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The Ford Ranger Raptor gets a sportier Raptor X version

Still not available in America

1w ago

For the Australians, this could sound like a little revenge. If they can't get the Ford Bronco, they will get a new version of the Ranger Raptor, the Ranger Raptor X. As a reminder, the Ranger Raptor is unavailable in many markets, including the United States, where it would have a good chance of selling.

Unfortunately, the changes won't make the Americans jealous. The Ranger Raptor X brings minor cosmetic changes to the already sporty Ranger Raptor. For example, the bodywork is painted white with various black stripes with orange accents on the bonnet, roof and bottom of the doors.

There are also two red tow hooks in the front skid plate. The vehicle is equipped with 17-inch wheels and BG Goodrich off-road tyres. The interior changes are minimalist, with special seats featuring red stitching.

Under the bonnet, the Ranger Raptor X keeps the Ranger Raptor's 2.0-litre four-cylinder diesel with 213 PS and 500 Nm of torque. All this power is sent to all four wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission.

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Comments (18)

  • Why can't we get it? The offroad market is primarily in America

      9 days ago
    • Same question I ask Toyota of the Hilux

        9 days ago
    • We do have the Tacoma which is a little different but with the TRD package is one of the most capable trucks out there

        9 days ago
  • Ford made a huge mistake not selling the Ranger Raptor in the United States

      8 days ago
  • Now we need a Ranger Raptor R with the coyote V8 from the Mustang R-Spec (522kw/700ps) which will make it faster than the F-150 Raptor R if it will actually will exist that us

      9 days ago
    • No. The point of these super-trucks - and correctly so - is not speed, but ability to go fast over rough terrain. There is zero reason to add power, if it can only be used on asphalt. Suspension comes first.

        8 days ago
  • "the changes won't make the Americans jealous" - indeed not. We have the F150 Raptor, i.e. the real thing ;)

      8 days ago
    • 9 days ago