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T​he forgotten car of Geneva: Italdesign DaVinci

8w ago


Y​ou may remember Italdesign, the - you guessed it- Italian design firm that was responsible for the production of the gorgeous Zerouno last year. Well, they're back, only now, they're dipping their toes in the luxury market.

S​ure, it seems iffy. A brand new company that has built just one supercar is now changing gears into the luxury market. Well, you'd be right. That is, if you weren't so wrong. You may also remember that Italdesign is owned by the VW group. You probably also know that the VW group, is, well, a helluva 'group' to be in. From Lamborghini to Bentley, there is plenty to pull parts from. Plus, as a 51 year old firm, they know what they are doing.

T​heir latest is called the DaVinci, because the renaissance artist died 500 years ago as of 2019. It has a long coupe style to it, and gullwing doors. Heading further back, it has a fastback tail end and flared arches. An all electric drivetrain is standard, but a grunting 4.0L V8 option may be fitted. Both the proper form of propulsion, and the electric motor will be fitted to an AWD drivetrain. Dive into the interior, and you'll find alcantara everywhere.

D​aVinci rear end - https://www.italdesign.it/geneva2019/

T​hat being said, Italdesign has effectively told us that they don't have the funds to produce the DaVinci. With that though, they have said that they will be offering the design to other manufacturers so that the project can live on. It's common sense that VW won't let the design slip out of their grasp, so it could end up as any car in the group. Many speculate that it could end up with a Lamborghini badge. An Audi seemed more likely, however. Personally, I saw an e-tron A7 of sorts. That is, until Lamborghini said that they had a 2+2 seater car in the works. It makes sense that the company from sant'agata would want to compete with Ferrari's GTC4 Lusso. This could likely be that car, and I can't get my mind off the idea of a modern day Espada, so I've got my fingers crossed.