- Maybe the biggest upsetting car in racing history.

With the Le Mans 66 film out in cinemas all around the world, the story of the rivalry between the princing horse and the blue oval will be known by all petrolheads and non-petrolheads. First and foremost, I have to put it out there; I have not seen the movie yet.

As it turns out, yesterday was a special day. Whilst eating breakfast, I was looking at my agenda to see when I would be able to go and see the new movie all car fanatics will be talking about and waiting to see. The perspective of watching the movie relating one of the biggest stories in motorsport history just seems too appealing to miss. As I was about to find out, it was going to be the subject of the day.

During lunch I went to see a very good friend. He works for an MOT-type company specialised in rare, expensive or unusual cars. As luck would have it, I was well inspired to go see him at his work. I had not arrived since 10 minutes that a beautiful Ferrari 250 SWB turned up. A car worth anywhere north of 7 million euros is always going to make my heart pump as if I was doing a cross-fit session. But this car, as are most Ferraris from the era, are just so gorgeous. The exquisite interior, the muscular but flowing lines and the symphony of the engine that just sends shivers down the spine are things that put me in awe of these cars.

Granted, it is not the Le Mans 275 GTB version but anyone would want to be able to drive such an icon.

After the Beauty camE the beast

What a lunch time this would turn out to be. What are the chances of getting to see a cousin the of LM Ferrari, the day I was thinking about going to see the movie.

As I was about to find out, my day was only going to get better as after the Beauty came the Beast.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to see a Ford GT turn up merely 20 minutes later after the Fezza had departed.

The Ford GT40 has always been a personal favorite. It was the second car I bought during my childhood for my 1/18 scale collection. The shape of it has always reminded me that form following function can still be exiting for the eyes.

This particular car used to be owned by Henry Fords very own grandson. It's an original american musclecar. I'm sure you all already know all about the V8 beast of an engine. It also roars to life and makes you tingle inside.

Seeing these two cars in the flesh the same day, I was intrigued about the 1966 Le Mans race and decided to look it up. Something struck me as soon as I started to read articles about the race. We have heard so much about Ferrari winning 6 consecutive wins at Le Mans prior to, what can be named as, the biggest upset in motorsport history that I have the feeling that one big fact is actually largely overlooked. Although, yes, Ford did clinch the 1-2-3 at the forefront of the race, it is hardly ever mentioned that Ferrari didn't really excel during the race on a more global point of view. In fact, cars 4-5-6-7 were all Porsche 906/6 cars. The mythical 275 GTB only scored 8th! In the top fiveteen overall spots, we can find 5 906/6 Porsches, 4 Alpine 210's, 3 Ford GT40's, 2 Ferrari 275 GTB's and 1 Marcos Mini Marcos GT 2+2.

We'll have to wait to see if the movie covers this fact but at least when you'll be talking with your friends at work or at the pub, you'll be able to look just that little bit knowledgeable.

What if Ford and Shelby had not won their bet that year? What do you think history would have looked like if we had had a Porsche beat Ferrari scenario? I wonder how that would have looked Holywood style...

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