The forgotten Porsche 4x4

We’re used to seeing Porsche 4x4s, but some years ago it was a bit more unusual… in more ways than one

2y ago

Today seeing a big 4x4 with a Porsche badge doesn't shock anyone it's a quite familiar sight, Cayenne and later the Macan both established themselves as Porsches best sellers. However when the first rumours about Cayenne surfaced fans and media went into a frenzy, how a brand established for making some of the purest sports cars venture into the land of 4x4's?!

Many don't know that it wasn't Porsche's first go at a 4x4, they did it once before in 1953, as a response to the Bundeswehr (the German army) tender. For this Porsche developed it's first and for many years last all-wheel drive vehicle the Type 957 Jagdwagen or in English 'hunting car'.

Jagdwagen shared engines its engines with the Porsche 365 and the Beetle a 1.6 litre flat 4 with a bout 50 horsepower, it was paired to a 4 speed box with an extra low range off-road gea

Power might seem a bit on the low side but it's roughly as much as the Land Rover Series 1 and the Jeep Willys which were it's main competitors. It also allowed it a top speed of around a 100kph (62mph), and impressive off-roading capabilities Porsche stating : "In all-wheel drive mode, the car could scale inclines of up to 65 percent at 1,000 rpm."

But that's not all as it could swim too, seems Porsche could not quite give up its racecar building credentials and decided to design the 957 with a monocoque chassis which essentially made it watertight and allowed the car to float in water.

Where do you think Porsche history go had this been more successful? Would you like to see more bare-bones Porsche 4x4s in the future? Let us know down below!

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  • these results make me want to die

      2 years ago
  • Don't need to be an expert to guess these cars can be sold for crazy amounts of money

      2 years ago
  • Surely it is considerably better than the Cayenne

      2 years ago