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- For the first time in decades, we won't have a Bernie (or a Button) in Formula 1. With the sale of Formula One to Liberty Media, F1 Bernie Ecclestone has been ousted. What will this all mean for Formula ones future? Hybrid V12s? Fingers crossed!
- The new regulations will make for more aerodynamic and mechanical grip. This means faster (hopefully better looking) cars for 2017.
- Faster cars doesn't necessarily mean more exciting to watch however. How will these regulations shake up the current pecking order? Will Mercedes remain dominant or will another team find an advantage and finally provide a decent challenge?
- Lewis Hamilton has proven to be one of the best driver's in the sport.. It doesn't hurt that Mercedes has flexed it's financial muscle and turned out a car that dominates the competition for the past three years. How will Bottas stack up?
- Can Vettel catch a break this year and get a car that works? Will he and Kimi be able to catch Mercedes? Will Kimi ever smile?
- How will Adrian Newey and the boys at Red Bull take advantage of the new aero regulations?
- How will the rest of the field shape up? Will Manor even race? Can Williams get back to their recent success of previous seasons? How will the American Haas team do in their sophomore effort? Will McLaren return to the podium?
- Mercedes-AMG has decided to celebrate its recent run of Formula One dominance by creating a F1 road car of sorts.
- The car only has been teased in shadowy images thus far but according to AMG boss Tobias Moers, the design has been completed and work on the making the transmission useable for the road has been going well.
- The Project One will use the same hybrid turbocharged V6 as the F1 car. It will produce over 1000hp and the whole car will weigh as little as 2200lbs. And you'll be able to drive it everyday... for 2.2 million dollars.
- A final thought: Will anything but another Driver's/Constructer's Championship cast a dark damp cloud over the arrival of this amazing exercise in excess? Or will Red Bull and Aston Martin and their AM RB-001 take over the spotlight.

The Formula 1 2017 season is just about 8 weeks away and that means it is time to speculate and question everything!! As the regulations change, a number of questions arise. Here are some pictures with discussion topics regarding 2017 Formula One.



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