The formula one conundrum.

      How do you get a team sport to work when it's highly individualistic?

      As you all will have seen over the weekend, the formula one season came to a overly dramatic end. Many we're happy the seasons over and they can look forward to the 2017 campaign, some people didn't want the season to end at all and if you're Lewis Hamilton, you're probably just glad London Collections Men is around the corner.

      The finale in Abu Dhabi, has left a sour taste in the mouth of the F1 following. Rosberg has rightfully taken the crown as f1 champion and rightly so, but Hamilton is still snatching headlines from his so called 'teammate'. Hamilton defied the orders of his team bosses to pursue a final bid to win the F1 championship for personal reasons and this has caused outrage among the masses? Why? Well there is arguments for and against...

      Let's take a look at why it has caused so much outrage in the first place. Team work is the main aspect of the arguments for people being a little pissed off at Hamilton, many are calling him a show pony (old news really) and his tactics for winning are totally unsavoury, but F1 at heart isn't really a team sport is it? So, how do you get a 'team sport' to work when it is highly individualistic? Their isn't a clear cut answer, only another argument.

      Okay, so here is the second argument. Obviously Hamilton is geared into having a winning mentality, It's just fact that he clearly wanted the championship at all costs, evidently willing to hinder his team mates chance at a maiden championship in the process. Now, we sit on the fence with this as we are totally for exciting competition but, sportsmanship must come into play!

      What do you guys think? Comment your thoughts below!

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