The free Porsche app that tells you about pollution on your route

Porsche has added new features to its free and fast-growing ROADS app

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Porsche has teamed up with an American start-up to enable users of its ROADS app to receive detailed information about the air quality on their route.

The app, which launched last year with the aim of bringing driving fans together to discover, record and share the world's most beautiful driving routes, now incorporates ClimaCell technology and offers a simple traffic light system that indicates the level of pollution on the route being driven.

ClimaCell specialises in hyper-local and hyper-accurate forecasting by using hundreds of millions of sensors worldwide to analyse weather and air quality. The idea is that ROADS users can use the information it provides to decide whether to have their windows up or down, and to plan the best places to stop for a break, based on the air quality at exact locations.

Another new feature of the ROADS app enables users to organise group trips.

"ROADS is about creating more passion for driving – whether in a Porsche or any other vehicle. With the new 'tours' feature, we are fulfilling our users’ long-cherished wish to be able to create joint tours within just a few clicks. And with the knowledge of the good air quality on their route, passionate drivers can enjoy it even more consciously,“ says Marco Brinkmann, creator of the ROADS platform in Porsche's digital marketing department.

“ClimaCell is happy to cooperate with Porsche and have such an important feature implemented into the ROADS app. Knowing the Air Quality around us is essential for decision making regarding our health and we are happy to provide this for drivers all over the world,” adds Dan Slagen, ClimaCell’s CMO.

ROADS currently has more than 100,000 community members in over 60 countries and is available for iOS devices on the App Store and supports Apple CarPlay.

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Comments (7)

  • Why. Just fit an appropriate filter, there no need to tell me what I don’t need to know. You can see this destined for LA!

      23 days ago
  • If Porsche cares this much about pollution, dieselgate would've never happened.

      24 days ago
    • If Porsche had that much influence over main VW, pulling out of non-EV motorsport would never have happened

        19 days ago
  • Awfully strange for this to be coming from Porsche - a brand that doesn't exactly correlate with environmental health. For a cyclist or someone on an electric scooter, this may be very useful. But not an entrepreneur in a 911 Turbo...

      21 days ago
  • You can see the pollution go up as you go along I presume?

      21 days ago
  • Pffffttt!

      24 days ago